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Major Update Feature

We added some unique features in this version 2.0. Check the below list to know the new features:


Add Up Unlimited Events

Introducing the most amazing plugin to create & manage events professionally. Add unlimited events at a glance.


Present Your Speakers/ Organizer

If you want to add multiple speakers to your event, then eventin is a perfect choice for you. Choose your speaker category type organizer or speaker.


Set Up Schedules

Are you facing issues regarding maintaining schedules? Don’t worry! With Eventin you can easily add any schedule at your convenient time. 

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Powerful Settings Options

Eventin gives you the full flexibility to custom anything you want. Show / Hide event time, location, total seats, organizers, schedules details, full address etc.

Custom Registration Form Settings

Get full control over the registration form that allows you to edit any field without having any coding skills. 

Zoom Video Conference

Configure zoom settings, create & manage meetings, schedules directly from the dashboard. Add your information and automatically get the meeting id within seconds! Create zoom specific events completely free! 

Get Premade Template and Banner

Eventin ensures multiple pre designed templates for the user. We added this unique template to display speaker images with available schedule. Explore readymade templates easily from the drop-down to showcase your speakers in an eye-catchy way.  

Provide Event Notification Email

Do you want your event organizer to get notifications for the upcoming events? Set a specific date before starting an event to remind the organizer. Make your event more interactive with Eventin!

Design with Elementor Widgets

Don't have any coding skills? No worries! Simply add elementor widget without touching a single line of code. Get multiple widgets including Event list, Speaker list, Schedule list, Zoom online video conference and more. 

Print and Download Invoice

Get the benefit to easily print invoices after successful checkout. 

Get Reports of Attendee List

Get reports of all the information which attendees have filled during the registration. 

Packed with Features

Your site will scale flawless any screen size with clean code and lets you do things can you simply can’t with other computers


Very simple and lightweight plugin to create & manage events on your website with an ease.

RTL Layout Support

Eventin is compatible with any layout of languages including written in Right-to-Left.

Supports Shortcode

We have added all the possible shortcodes you might need for your event site including Event list, Speaker list, Schedule list, Organizers list, Event countdown, Schedule tab etc.

Frequent Update

Eventin plugin is regularly updated to be always compatible with the latest features and improvements.

Fully Responsive

You can use Eventin with any devices that work perfectly on all of them including desktop, mobile, iPad, or tablet etc.

Professional Support

Our super-friendly support team will always help you regarding any occurance.

Affordable Pricing Plan

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  • Support for 1 year
  • Updates for 1 Year
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100% Refund Policy

Please, check refund policy. We’d love to know what went wrong and how we can improve.

Frequently Question & Asked

You can Show/Hide Event options like time , location , seats from Eventin=>Settings=>Details.

You can change speaker and event slug , date-time foramt , ticket price label and others general settings
from Eventin=>Settings=>General. After changing slug , refresh permalink to get change.

You have to give valid connection details in Eventin=>Settings=>User data. After fill up “Api key”, “Secret key”
enter “Save changes” and then check connection. After successful connection navigate to Eventin=>Zoom to create
a meeting.(Note: You must have successful connection to zoom api).You will get meeting id from zoom. Place your meeting id to shortcode (For instance: [etn_zoom_api_link meeting_id =’123456789′ link_only=’no’])
You can also create meeting and display from elementor widget.

You need to speaker , schedule to create an event .
1. Go to Eventin=>Speakers to create speaker . You can create speaker categories from Eventin=>Speaker categories.,
2. Go to Eventin=>schedules to create Schedule and assign schedule to the speaker.
3. Finally create event from Eventin=>Events with schedules , speakers , ticket information and others options.
You can display event , speaker , schedule either shortcode or elementor widget. Event has single page details.
4. You can also classify events in categories . To create event categories go to Eventin=>categories.

If you want to translate in a single language then you can use the Loco Translate plugin. For multi-language translation, you can use the WPML translator plugin. Simply install the plugin and activate it. After that, please complete the basic settings and you are good to go.

For “Loco Translate”, you can check this video tutorial and documentation. Also, for the WPML multi-language translation, here is the video and documentation link.

If you buy the plugin from CodeCanyon then you do not need license key activation. Just use the Envato Marketplace plugin to get regular updates. If you buy the plugin from Themewinter website then follow our documentation here for activating the PRO license.

If you want to host an event without selling tickets, you can arrange it with WPEventin. Woocommerce is not mandatory in this scenario. In that case, simply skip enabling the “Sell on Woocommerce” option. On the other hand, you can enable selling tickets and put the event ticket price as zero(0), then it will act as a free event and your customers don’t have to pay for that event. In this way, you can skip the price of the tickets.

You can add a custom field with WPEventin PRO. Please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Eventin. Then move to the settings submenu and then attendee. You will find the custom field options with the label “Extra field”. Solution key wp-admin -> Eventin -> Settings -> Attendee (Tab) -> Extra field.

You can get a 404 Not Found error for many reasons in WordPress. However, the most common reason for the 404 error is page permalink. In order to solve the permalink error, please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on settings. Then from permalink, select “ Post name” as permalink structure and save the settings. Solution key wp-admin -> settings -> permalink -> Post name -> Save Changes.

WPEventin is already compatible with popular plugins and themes. However, if you still get any conflict or are not showing the event details page properly, please open a support ticket here and our team is ready to solve the problem. If you see any other related error, use the same link for the support.

In order to change the date format, please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Eventin. From the submenu click on settings and scroll down a little. You will get the date format option. Select “Date Format” from the dropdown and save the settings. Solution key wp-admin -> Eventin -> Settings -> Select Time Format -> Save Changes.

Yes. It’s possible to show upcoming and expire events with Elementor widgets. Edit the page with Elementor and then select the widgets from “EVENTIN EVENT”. You will see the options to set both upcoming and expire events. You can also set both (all) for the page.

Currently, QR code feature is not available in WPEventin. It’s in our feature list and we will add the features as soon as possible. Check the WPEventin roadmap for the live update.

Yes. WPEventin supports different page builders like DIVI builder, Visual Composer and Elementor page builder. You can use a shortcode for DIVI builder and Visual Composer. And the plugin has 15+ dedicated widgets for the Elementor page builder. Most of the widgets are FREE to use. However, WPEventin PRO will be required for a few specific widgets.

Currently, different ticket prices for single event features are not available in WPEventin. But It’s in our feature list and we will add the features as soon as possible. Check the WPEventin roadmap for the live update.

Currently, the recurring events feature is not available in WPEventin. But It’s in our feature list and we will add the features as soon as possible. Check the WPEventin roadmap for live updates.

To change your shop currency settings go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options and select your desired currency from the Currency drop down.

  • Currency – Choose the currency the store will be priced in.
  • Currency Position – Choose whether the currency symbol is placed to the left or right of the price.
  • Thousand Separator – Choose the character to use for the thousand separator.
  • Decimal Separator – Choose the character to use for the decimal separator.
  • Number of Decimals – Choose the number of digits to appear after the decimal separator.

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Plugin is great and the support is outstanding. Great experience. Highly recommend.

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Elegant styling and all the needed features for an event plugin. Support is timely. They even have a zoom meeting scheduling right from WP dashboard.

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Just what I needed! All in one solution. Super fast support too! Highly Recommended - WP Eventin

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The cost is also good and everyone who use WordPress and use Elementor and want to design a restaurant website, they should just buy the plugin as there is nothing better than this plugin in the market till today - WP Cafe

Why go Pro?

Your site will scale flawless any screen size with clean code and lets you do
things can you simply can’t with other computers

  • Plugin Features
  • Eventin Free
  • Eventin Pro
  • Multi Event and Single Event
  • Zoom Integration
  • RTL Language Support
  • Invoice Printing Options
  • Trendy Unlimited Schedule
  • Speaker Listing
  • Multi Speaker functionality
  • Speaker Single Page
  • Event Listing
  • Elementor Builder Shortcode
  • WooCommerece Payment System
  • Add unlimited F.A.Q. to an event
  • User notification about upcoming event
  • Show counter on registration single page banner
  • View event specific attendee list
  • Speakers list/slider widget with multiple templates
  • Organizers list/slider widget with multiple templates
  • Events list/slider widget with multiple templates
  • Event countdown widget
  • Schedule list/tab widgets with multiple templates

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Change Log

* Fix    : Validation fix
* Fix    : Events with same title conflicting while updating ticket stock
* Fix    : Events purchase report count issue fix
* Fix    : Shortcode generate issue fix
* Tweak  : Compatible with Polylang translation plugin
* Tweak  : Show event timezone on attendee ticket and Woocommerce invoice email
* New    : Timezone support added for events
* New    : Generate unique ID for attendee in attendee ticket, report and so on.
* Fix    : Target blank issue fix
* Fix    : Advanced search issue fix Schedule widget date separator issue fix
* Tweak  : Constants replaced with functions for increasing memory efficiency
* Fix    : Schedule list time issue fix on event single page
* Fix    : Schedule list time issue fix on speaker single page
* Fix    : Schedule list time issue fix on schedule widgets
* New    : Schedule style added for both list and tab
* Fix    : Speaker profile page schedule time issue fix
* New    : Notification settings panel added
* New    : Notification settings added for sending event details
* New    : Send event details in Woocommerce invoice e-mail
* New    : Send event details in Zoom event e-mail
* New    : Search filter added to event archive page
* Fix    : Fix attendee post count on dashboard dropdown
* Fix    : Ajax action updated for license module
* Tweak  : Auto play option added for slider widgets
* Tweak  : Upcoming and expired option added for event widgets
* New    : New widget for event FAQ
* New    : New event widget with tabs