Discover the Best Event Management Plugin with 10x Improvement

 Discover the Best Event Management Plugin with 10x Improvement

Hey, event manager!

Do you dream of a smoother, smarter way to streamline your event creation, registration, and attendee experience? Well, no more! 

We’re thrilled to announce the much-anticipated arrival of Eventin 4.0 – a groundbreaking update packed with innovations that will transform how you manage events on your WordPress website.

Meet Eventin 4.0: A Game-Changer for Event Organizers

For years, Eventin has empowered WordPress users to create and manage stunning events. 

Now, with version 4.0, we’re taking things to the next level. Here’s a sneak peek at the key improvements and exciting new features that await you: 

What’s New in Eventin 4.0? 

Now that we know that Eventin 4.0 has arrived with a lot of changes on the list, you can categorize them into 2 parts – UI/UX Improvements and Code Optimization.

🚀 Let’s take a look at the mind-blowing features and changes Eventin 4.0 has brought for you: 

🚀 01. Improvement: Stunning UI/UX


Did you know that 73% of event organizers find event management software with a user-friendly interface crucial for their workflow?

Not just a brush-up, Eventin 4.0 has brought a fresh stunning look designed for intuitive navigation and effortless event management. This new user interface (UI) will be easier to understand, and faster to navigate on the website. 

Even now, all the elements are placed with quite relevance to your tailored needs with data-backed research. Let’s see the massive change that will shift the way you manage your events: 

Let’s start with Your Event Branding. 🚀

Event Branding:


Back then, you could upload your event logo on the miscellaneous section, which was a bit far from home. 


But we’ve wanted to take off the stress – so we decided to put everything related to branding in one section, obviously named “The Branding Section”.  It’s where you can upload the event logo and banner side by side. 


As this section works on your event branding, we’ve added colors and social links. 

Sounds easy to find, right?
That’s not all. Now that you have designed your event branding, now it’s time to work on the calendar color, and design texts – to craft event branding details.


Even you can add social icons on the event details to connect your socials to upcoming events. In the previous version, the social links were in the general settings, now it’s all here in the branding section. 


The purpose is to just gather all the brand-related elements that you need to create an event faster – into the branding section on Eventin 4.0. So, you have in there: 

  • Event logo and Event banner 
  • Calendar color, text color in the calendar
  • Social icons and links 

Now that you have everything you need for event branding, let’s move on to selecting the event templates.

Template Setup Page:

Now let’s get ready to experience a new section – dedicated to gathering all the template setup you need for your events on WordPress. This section covers all ready-to-go templates with outstanding designs, from landing page templates to certificates. 

🎯 i) Event Landing Templates:

To create events, you might need a few pre-made & handy event landing page templates ready to go that will do the job quickly to grab as many attendees as they can, meaning you need sleek-designed templates. 

Back in the old version, you could select a few event templates but they were hard to preview, as you would have to select your preferred templates from the drop-down list.


But things are now way easier with Eventin 4.0, because now you can preview each of these event templates side by side, and different event templates can be set up for each event.


🎯 ii) Certificate Template: 

Events Certificate is a money-grabber because it cheers up your attendees and keeps them waiting till the end. But previously it was a bit difficult choosing the certificate templates as they were like a list in drop-down, or you can create a certificate template using Gutenberg, not to mention the fact they were in the miscellaneous section where it’s a bit hard to find.


Those old days are over. Now you can have a range of scroll-stopping, conversion-friendly event certificate templates that will wow all attendees on the template setup section.


Moving on to the next improvement.

🎯 iii) Ticket Template Setup:

Even for the event tickets to sell during your event campaigns, you don’t have to create any ticket templates as the Eventin version 4.0 brings about a range of conversion-friendly ticket templates to work fast during events.


In the old version, the attendee ticket style was available with a few templates listed in a drop-down section on Event Settings 🡪 Attendee. Now as a series of templates, the action-packed ticket templates are taken to the template setup section


Here, you can find the right ticket templates you need for your tickets to look like when your attendees will register for your events.

🎯 iv) Improved Ticket Sale Timing 

Back in the old version, setting up the tickets & pricing was a bit limited to features. You could just create the variations, and ticket limits and that’s all.


But now in Eventin 4.0, you get to experience a new version of ticketing – making different ticket variations and an easy user interface (UI) to build a new ticket. 


Not only that, the New Ticket form looks much fresher, with the required fields on point to create a ticket just in time. 


But here’s a catch:

📌 With Eventin 4.0 you can add a Sales Ticket with Start and End Date Time to allow selling tickets before the event, to control the selling duration before the events.

🎯 v) FAQ Page:

We all know how important the FAQ section is for managing any event, where the attendees usually come around with their queries and look for the answers in the event details. 

That increases the chance of an improved conversion rate on your events. 📈

Beforehand, the FAQ section was in the Event Settings section, with little to a few sections like FAQ title and FAQ content.


There were too many limitations, you couldn’t just do anything more than write the title and description. But things have changed on Eventin 4.0: 


Now, located in the Choose Event 🡪 FAQ section, you can add & edit the descriptions as you wish in different text formats, and you can save a bit of time by writing with AI integration on Eventin 4.0.

🎯 vi) Extra Fields:

Adding extra fields on events carries a lot of weight, but even managers on events deserve to have a better experience in adding them to their RSVP forms, right?

And the worst part, it was horizontal

Back in the old days, we know it was a bit confusing to add the extra fields with details and we’ve been thinking about improving it for so long. 

Now here it is:


Now re-designed in a vertical pattern, you can just add your details easily, with different types of field types like checkbox, one-liner type, number input, paragraph, etc. 

And the best part? After saving the new form field, you can simply drag and drop the extra fields to rearrange the orders.

🎯 vii) Integrations Page:

Integrations act as a connection between platforms, that lets you manage your events better. 

This is why, you need to be alert about the integrations whenever you’re working on creating & organizing a new event. Before Eventin 4.0 came about, the integrations page was located on Event Settings 🡪 CRM.


But for a great user experience, the newly designed integrations page looks like this:


Most event managers want to immediately take a look while they work on the event details, just to see which plugins or tools they have connected with Eventin so far, hence this new design above 👆. 

This is how Eventin 4.0 brings the experience into reality.

🎯 viii) RSVP: Improved Workflow:

Events have one golden ticket for conversion: Even RSVP.

By sending Event RSVPs to your attendees, you could sense the total capacity of events as well as make the confirmation of the interested attendees (ultimately your total revenue). 

But previously on Eventin, it was a bit difficult to navigate to the RSVP settings to enable the option.


Now, Eventin 4.0 has brought everything to customize under one banner, including Event RSVP with all the options needed for it. 


Here you can enable the RSVP, select the response type options for attendees, showcase the attendee list on the front end, and even limit the capacity of attendee registration at the event.

Sound ‘way easier than before‘, right?

🎯 ix) Additional Page

Even after you cover all the details for the events, you might need additional options to brighten up the front-end event details.

The older version used to have the additional options located on the Event Settings 🡪 Miscellaneous with one option for the (attendee page URL) at the top and another option (Event External Link) at the bottom.


Now, Eventin 4.0 has made room for the additional page on the Choose Event 🡪 Additional Page, with a new guest – Virtual Product. 🚀


As you find the option to share the attendee page URL and event external link on your event pages, you can also turn an event work into a WooCommerce virtual product while WooCommerce, as a plugin will deal with the virtual product as an event. 

This option is available if you integrate WooCommerce and accept payments via WooCommerce. What do you think?

Would you like to try the Virtual Product once?

🎯 x) Agenda/Schedule

To create a new schedule or select an existing one, the event managers had to navigate to Event Settings 🡪 General Settings 🡪 Select Schedules. It was a bit far away from creating an event, as it is very much contextual when you need to create one.


Now you can craft your event without ever leaving the planning flow. Build a custom schedule from scratch, or pick a pre-made option – all within the same intuitive interface. 


This seamless experience of Agenda lets you focus on what matters: creating a fantastic event with customizable agenda or agenda groups.

🎯 xi) Event Speakers and Organizers by Group

Things were “not too simple” back then. When you used to select event organizers and speakers or click on Create Speaker, the features were limited like there were no options for selecting organizers or speakers by group.


Well, no more! 🚀


Even speakers and organizers can now be added easily as groups, without even leaving your editing action. 


📌 But here’s the fun part:
Not just single, you can add these speakers/organizers in groups. This saves time when you have to organize multiple speakers for one session or different sessions, without leaving the editing page you’re working on.  

That can save you a lot of time while creating the blockbuster event. 

Full Update: Event Creation Page

Not just piling things up, the experience of creating an event on your WordPress site is now even better. Eventin 4.0 made massive changes to your experience of creating events that matter.

Let’s see how they look:

🎯 i) Create an Event with minimal information

Back in the old days, you would have to swim across an ocean to create an event with a bland user interface, with harsh readability as you have blocks and sections on the center and right and left sections on the same screen.


Now on Eventin 4.0, creating an event is even better as you can create an event with minimal information and description, within a few clicks. 


All you have to do is add the event title, set the start & end date time, and select the event type right below the calendar – and you’re all good! In short, you can create an event much faster on the new version without looking right or left and definitely without much stress on the eyesight. 

🎯 ii) New Descriptions Added while creating an event:

Creating an event previously felt like adding a post on WordPress CMS. It all looks the same, with the same old Gutenberg blocks, but the work feels bland. 


But in the new version of Eventin 4.0, things are looking way more fashionable with a newly added event description section, so now you don’t have to create a block for the description whereas you can add the descriptions directly firsthand. 


To have a touch of the old, you will have a list of block options from Gutenberg once you click on the + icon to add descriptions. 


And here’s another best part: you can add multiple blocks on the description part. 

🎯 iii) Added New Style for Event Date Range

Just to be quick on the date range, Eventin 4.0 made changes by adding new styles for the event date range. Previously, the interface would look like this:


But now in Eventin 4.0, it’s getting easier on the date range section where you can experience a new look while fixing the (start to end) date range for your events. 


🎯 iv) Added New Recurring Event Option

Recurring events are money-makers. But it used to be a bit lengthy on the previous version. Recurring events options can be found on event settings 🡪 general settings where you can set the recurrence for any event.


But it’s now even easier. Recurring Events option can be found on Events 🡪  Create an Event and you will simply find the recurring event there waiting with a checkbox. 


Once you enable it, a drop-down small section for the recurrence as well as the date range of recurrence will take place. 

🎯 v) Added Event type offline/ online event option 

You know it feels great when you can put all the necessary details on one page for creating an event. Eventin has thought about giving a user experience (UX) where event organizers will create an event and won’t switch to another place to fill up other details.


But now you can have the branding section full of essential event details that will not take you roaming to any other pages.


Here you can see a UX update on event type, as it’s mostly easier to define the nature of your event in the first place. 

🎯 vi) Custom Location Field 

Just as you soon update the nature of your events, you might need to mention the location in the next step. 

Now you can define the nature of the event and after that, fill out where your event will be held on the location section.


If it’s an offline event, you will have to add the venue location, manually. If it’s an online event, a new block will appear as needed.

Oh, and by the way, the autocomplete feature is also there in action.


🎯 vii) Custom URL to Add on Events

You might be bored with Google Meet or you might not like Zoom meetings or prefer any other video conferencing tool, for instance, Sessions. In that case, the old version dictated only the use of 2 video conferencing tools integrated with Eventin. Now, it’s way different than before.


Now you can paste any custom URL or any other video conferencing link on the page to add the event details, for the attendees to see. 

🎯 viii) New Style on Categories and Tags 

Now on Eventin 4.0, you can add categories and tags without creating them on a separate page.

Tags are important when it comes to organizing an event. So to make sure you never miss adding any tags to your events, we’ve brought the categories + tags section here right after the Custom URL option.


This way, you can select the tags from the list or create a new category/tag to make sure your event is well-organized and easy to find. 

UX Update on Event List Page:

Now let’s come to the Event List page where we’ll show you the updates we’ve done to the user interface (UI) for your best experience.

🎯 i) Event List Page UI Update 

To cut a long beautiful story short, the previous version of the event list looks classic, yet scattered and bland-looking in design.


But the listing page on Eventin 4.0 is much more organized, the event list page looks stunning in UX and the action sections are iconized instead of plain text. The author section has been added to the listing page to show who’s in charge of the events.

Even the category section is updated from top to bottom on Eventin 4.0. Here is what the category section looked like in the early 60s (just kidding):


But now in Eventin 4.0,  you can see the list of categories of different kinds of events you’ve organized before and see the descriptions to stay on track. From the event categories page, you can easily switch to the event list with a click.


🎯 ii) Improved Event Tag List Page 

The same update that went for the categories page also updated the tag list section. Previously, you could only create a tag and see the list of it with small descriptions.


Now on Eventin 4.0, you can see the tags list, customize them with the parent tags, add descriptions, and take different actions on the page. It’s much more updated, easy to navigate and more fun! 


🚀 02. Improvement: Code Block Improvements + Optimizations


Not just UI/UX or making things look good, Eventin 4.0 has arrived with better code optimization and improvements on different code blocks to make sure the #1 WordPress event management plugin works fine with better technical performance.

💻 Optimizations on Eventin 4.0:

Eventin 4.0 has made major improvements & optimizations on different operations which was a headache before. Now that they are improved, the functionality to work them on WordPress will be a more achievable experience.

Here’s a list of great optimizations you’ll see on Eventin 4.0:

⏭ i) Feature Enhancements: 

Improved support for Google Meet and Zoom Event Organizing. We have already optimized a few supportive steps along the way to make sure the event organizers can easily set up Google Meet or Zoom links and add pre-populated meeting links within event details to create an event faster.

⏭ ii) Unit Testing: 

better unit-testing

You’re seeing some test cases. Every block of code is now being tested before we ship Eventin 4.0. So that the event users do not face errors and bugs in their business.

iii) API Integrations: 

Eventin 4.0 has significantly improved communication between different parts of the application through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). That involves a smoother data flow between different modules like events, tickets, agendas, etc.

Not only that, the optimization of API integrations has made real-time updates across different sections of the platform. This increases the performance for better functionality on API integrations as well and Eventin 4.0 opens the doors to the potential to integrate with more external services for additional functionalities.

iv) Performance Improvements:

Eventin 4.0 has done a great deal on general code optimizations to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the entire application. The optimizations in the underlying codes will surely make the application run faster and more efficiently.


As you can see below, every small piece of code is joined together. Making the code work fluently without any restriction.


So, you might experience: 

✅ Quicker loading times for events and event details on frontend 
✅ Improved responsiveness on the frontend platform (your WordPress website). 
✅ A stable experience when working on the back end. 

⏭ v) Data Caching for reduced network load

Eventin 4.0 has done Optimization for Fetching data and caching. We’ve used WordPress’s defaultdata fetching and storing technology, to optimize the process and reduce the code size. Just as shown, we’re fetching the settings from the backend, which will be cached. And we’re also re-validating the event list cache, depending on some logic.

One key optimization on Eventin 4.0 involves caching frequently accessed settings retrieved from the backend. This will make sure a swift retrieval of subsequent requests, giving you a faster user experience. 


Even so, a sophisticated logic system governs the re-validation of the event list cache. This ensures data remains fresh while minimizing unnecessary database queries, further optimizing overall performance.

vi) Enhanced Build Pipeline

Eventin 4.0, by definition, has improved the process of pipelines automating the process of building and deploying the entire application. Eventin 4.0 has made sure to:

✅ Faster build times and deployment cycles.
✅ Boosted consistency and reliability in the deployment process.
✅ Easier integration of new features and bug fixes. 

In essence, this update delivers a leaner codebase that prioritizes efficient data management, ultimately resulting in a more responsive and enjoyable user experience.

vii) Usage of React for Frontend for Dynamic Experience

After a while, Eventin 4.0 has made it possible to build an interactive and responsive user interface by using React for Frontend. Who wouldn’t prefer a dynamic experience? This code below shows how Event Header is being created, in the easiest manner.


The focus lies on implementing the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, making sure the essential functionalities are well-defined and utilized efficiently throughout the code. Additionally, we’ve embraced SOLID principles, a set of best practices that promote well-structured, maintainable, and scalable code. 

By streamlining operations while following the established design principles, Eventin 4.0 aims to significantly reduce the potential for bugs and simplify future modifications.

viii) Improved Filters to find events easily

The new version emphasized much on improving the filter options, to make sure the users can navigate throughout the plugin, and most of all, use filters to find events easier than before.


This glimpse of code shows the process of filtering the event list by status, filtering by date range with a constant of the start date of the event, and attempting the search on the event list. 

This emphasis on organization translates to a more reliable codebase with fewer errors. It also empowers developers to navigate, understand, and modify the code with greater ease, fostering a smoother development process and faster innovation. 

💻 Bug Fixes & Resolutions on Eventin 4.0:

Other than code optimizations & improvements, Eventin 4.0 has made fixes on major bugs that have been ‘bugging’ event users for a while. At last, as a new beacon of a new way, Eventin 4.0 gives a few resolutions that you need to see:

👉 i) Bug Resolutions: 

We have been committed to providing a great user experience for every event organizer out there. This resolution on bugs tackles previously identified issues related to models, layouts, and child event displays

We did our best to make sure these resolutions bring smooth interactions, improved visual presentation, and a more intuitive platform for all users.

👉 ii) Form and Field Validations: 

Data accuracy is very important. 

This update by Eventin 4.0 strengthens data integrity by making sure that required or crucial fields cannot be bypassed during data entry. For example, when creating recurring events, specifying an end date is now mandatory.


This approach will surely eliminate the possibility of incomplete or inaccurate data collection during events, which will ultimately improve the authenticity of the information stored on Eventin 4.0. 

👉 iii) Notification Updates:

Introducing a notification system on this update that delivers success or error messages based on your actions.

This update by Eventin 4.0 is crucial to your actions during creating and managing events. 


These clear notifications will give you valuable feedback on the outcome of your interactions within the platform. 

👉 iv) Style and Layout Fixes:

We’re constantly striving to refine the user experience. This update addresses inconsistencies and layout issues within the user interface (UI), resulting in a more polished and visually harmonious platform.


Imagine a well-designed room; everything is placed intuitively and adheres to a consistent style. This update aspires to achieve the same for the user interface.

By ironing out inconsistencies and refining layouts, we’re creating a more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly environment for interacting with the platform. 

🚀 03. Recap: List of Significant UX Improvements on Eventin 4.0


So, Eventin 4.0 is here to make event management great again, and easier than before.

Apart from the changes, the new features we have brought and the existing features we’ve optimized will surely bring about a more improved user experience for the event organizers.

📌 So, here is the list of the significant UX improvements we’ve done on Eventin 4.0:

🙌 Create an event in seconds: Thanks to the all-new user interface (UI), you can create an event in a few clicks with the right components in one place (event creation page).

🎨 Event Banner Image: Now enjoy the event banner image and event logo on the same event creation page, with all the right components you need to make the work easier.

🔃 Recurring Event: Simply enable the event recurrence on the event creation page easily and select the mandatory dates for the recurrence to end.

📍 Improved Location Field: Experience a “much better” location field to define the nature of your event (online/offline) and the location venue will appear accordingly, with a meeting link or custom URL for online events and an auto-suggested venue location for offline events.

🔗 Custom URL Support for Online Events: Put a custom URL on the event details to connect with your event attendees, apart from Google Meet and Zoom links.

🔊 Create Speaker/Organizer Groups: Create speakers & organizers profiles in groups, and select them while creating an event, or select the groups for different sessions without leaving the editing page.

🎫 Customizable Ticket Sale Timing: Add start & end dates to your ready-to-buy Sales Tickets, so you can start selling before the event, or sell them like an early bird seat for the events.

📝 Action-Packed Tickets & Landing Page Templates: Pre-build ticket templates to start selling fast during the events, while using the event landing page template will make it easy to create an event faster, and the eye-catchy certificate templates ready to award to the attendees, to the spice up the entire event.

📈 Improved Workflow for Categories, Tags, and Speakers: Select the tags from the list or create a new category/tag to organize your event and make it easy to find the tag groups.

So, there you go — a full-fledged event management plugin rebuilt to redefine your event management experience, from scratch.

Now instead of overpaying other WordPress event manager plugins, you have an all-in-one powerful management tool ready to make the biggest event for you with a few faster clicks and a delightful experience. 

Wrapping Up: Let’s Reshape Your Events with Eventin 4.0

It’s not all Eventin 4.0 is coming up with. Just so you know, it’s a BETA version that is up for testing by event managers like you all over the world.

You can download the latest beta builds from the following links. If you want to download the free version click on the link below.

⚠️ Please keep in mind that you need to own a valid WP Eventin pro license to have access to the WP Eventin v4.0 (Pro) beta version.

❌ Make sure: Don’t use the BETA version on the Production Site! ❌

🚀 Let’s make your next big awesome event! 📣

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