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Simple Author Box

Enhance your website’s user experience and engagement by incorporating a versatile and responsive author box. This customizable feature allows you to showcase the author’s identity, including their name, gravatar, bio, social media links, and additional personalized details. With the flexibility to position the author box anywhere on your site, you can create a unique and inviting space for readers to connect with the content creators.

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Multiple Author

Effortlessly credit multiple authors in your collaborative projects. This allows you to create and manage co-authors and guest authors for individual posts with ease. Simply add, update, and ensure everyone gets the recognition they deserve. Streamline your collaborative efforts and showcase the collective talent behind your work.

Multi Author

Guest Author

Streamline your content creation process by effortlessly assigning posts to guest authors. Our user-friendly platform makes contributing a breeze, empowering guest authors to seamlessly share their insights and perspectives. Enhance collaboration and diversify your content with a simple and efficient system that encourages guest authors to contribute with ease. Whether you’re managing a blog, publication, or website, our solution ensures a smooth and inclusive experience for all contributors, fostering a vibrant and dynamic content community.

Guest Author

Author Box on Hover

This awesome feature helps you to add a responsive author box on hover to your posts, displaying the author bio, including the author’s name, author Gravatar, description, and more. In fact, with this plugin, you can add custom author social links and icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more to the author box.

Author Box on hover

Like Dislike box

Discover enhanced user interaction with our WordPress plugin, integrating Like, Dislike, Love, and Angry features. Elevate your content’s expressiveness as users seamlessly convey sentiments through a spectrum of emotional reactions. Foster a dynamic and responsive online community while gaining valuable insights into audience preferences

Post like dislike

Elevate Author Abilities with Added Power

Support for All Social Icons

WP Author Box streamlines social engagement by seamlessly integrating a diverse set of social icons directly into author boxes on WordPress. This user-friendly plugin makes it effortless for website visitors to connect with authors and contributors across various social networks. Enhance your online community's connectivity and user experience with WP Author Box, ensuring a visually appealing and interactive platform for followers to stay updated with their favorite content creators.

Author Extra Bio

Elevate author profiles with our enhanced bio management system. Authors can now personalize their bios by adding elements like donation links, creating a more engaging and meaningful connection with their audience. Unlock new opportunities for interaction and support, allowing authors to express themselves beyond the basics.

Top Voted Posts 🚀✨

Uncover the most-loved content effortlessly! Our Top Voted Post shortcode lets you showcase the community's favorites on any page. Easily integrate and watch as the top posts update in real-time based on votes. Boost engagement and highlight quality content with this simple and powerful feature.

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