Introducing Timetics WordPress: Appointment & Booking Management Made Easy

 Introducing Timetics WordPress: Appointment & Booking Management Made Easy

Drum roll, please!!🥁 Ba-dum-tss!!! 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very excited to share that Timetics WordPress, the all-in-one booking management plugin has been rolled out today and you can get started with managing your appointments and booking from this very moment! 

Whether you run a saloon, training academy, private clinic, or any professional service that requires bookings, Timetics WP has got you covered!! 

Why Do You Need an Appointment & Booking Management Plugin?

If you wonder why you would ever need an appointment and booking management plugin, here are a couple of little stats for you – 

According to a study by Zippia, when businesses use online booking systems, their revenues rise by an average of 27%

Another study by Zippia reveals that 68% of the respondents who were patients prefer medical providers that offer the ability to book, update, or cancel appointments. 

Keeping aside these statistics, let’s have a quick run-through of the benefits of using an Appointment & Booking Management plugin like Timetics WP – 

1. Reduce Admin Level Hassles

Facing difficulties in maintaining booking times so that no booking time clashes with each other, making sure staffs members don’t have to work more than the committed hour, and making sure clients get their desired personnel for the meeting at the right time – these are all common scenario for an admin level person leading an appointment based service. 

A good appointment management system or plugin can resolve these issues very smoothly. 

2. Booking Can be Done at Any Time

Since you don’t have to manage things manually now, customers can just visit your website and book an appointment at any time from any place. Thus keeping your business running 24/7 won’t be an issue at all. 

3. Reduces Human Error

As most of the workflow will be done using the management system, the rate of getting human errors will be less than before. So mismanagement will be lower as well. 

4. Better Business Insights

This is one of the most important parts. You can see which staff members are getting more appointments, which kind of service is performing most, what the age range of your customers is, and many more. 

In most cases, you’ll be surprised to know the gap between your plans and customers’ expectations. With this, you will be able to make informed decisions. 

5. Smooth Payment Process

Payment will be faster and smoother if you use a good appointment management system. Since the whole process will be automated using a payment gateway, you don’t need to wipe your sweat.

Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin Overview

Timetics WP is an appointment and booking management plugin for WordPress. You can basically run your whole business with Timetics WP. You can manage and appoint staff, manually add bookings, add meetings, check customer information, and receive payments through the Stripe Payment gateway. It’s a full package!! 

Let’s take a quick tour of Timetics’ WP features –

1. Unlimited Bookings & Meetings


No need to pay bills for a certain number of meetings and bookings. Because with Timetics WP, you can manage all the bookings and meetings you want. There is no extra charge needed at all.

2. Multiple Types of Meetings


With Timetics WP, you will have the freedom to create three types of meetings – 

  • One-to-One

In these kinds of meetings, there can be only a single host and a single invitee. If you want to arrange a personal meeting, your doctor likes to check up on his/her patients alone, book an appointment for your barber, or if you want to arrange a personal training session, this is the one for you. 

  • One-to-Many

Say, you want to hold a seminar, talk show, musical program, training session, or class, One-to-Many meetings are the right ones for you. Here, there can be only one host and multiple invitees.  

  • Many-to-One

In these kinds of meetings, there will be multiple hosts and only one invitee. It is best for taking interviews, vivas, or therapy sessions.

3. Staff Management


You can invite as many staff members as you need and each staff will have his/her own profile. All you have to do is enter their full name, Email address, and their contact number. The newly invited staff will get an invitation email from you. 

If the newly invited staff accepts the invitation, you can manage his/her appointment from the dashboard.

4. Email Notification to Meeting Host and Invitee


Both the host and invitee will receive notifications in the form of an email. Email Notifications can be sent in four cases – 

  • Booking Confirmation
  • Booking Rescheduling
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Meeting Reminder

You can set a default email copy for each of these cases. This way, the whole process can be automated. You can even set how much time before the meeting the notification email will be sent.

5. Availability Management


You can set the availability of each of your staff on each individual day and even individual time segments. Felt confused? Let me give you an example.

Suppose you run a clinic. There are three doctors in your clinic –  Dr. X, Dr. Y, and Dr. Z. Dr. X is available for duty on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday in 2-time segments – 10 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM. 

With Timetics WordPress booking plugin, you can easily create this availability schedule for Dr. X. And if Dr. Y and Dr. Z have different and complex time schedules, you can create that too.

6. Manual Booking from Admin Panel


There will always be some customers who are comfortable booking an appointment through phone calls. We have kept that in mind and given you the option to manually book an appointment from the backend.

7. Google Calendar & Meet Integration


If you want to run online training sessions, coaching classes, online therapy sessions, or any service that requires online communication, Timetics WP has got your back. With the Google Meet integration, you can do your meetings and sessions as long as you want.

With the Google Calendar Integration, your customers and the meeting host both can manage their meetings and follow their schedules accordingly.

8. Stripe Payment Integration


With the Stripe Payment Integration, your clients/customers will be able to complete their payments securely and your hassles will be less than ever before.

Upcoming Features

Timetics WordPress booking plugin won’t be limited to only these upper-mentioned features. There are more to come. The features that are on our bucket list right now are –



Suppose you want to arrange a concert, your customers can choose their preferred seat from the frontend. This will reduce your hassle significantly. 

Eventin Integration


Eventin is a WooCommerce based Event Manager, Event Calendar, and Event Tickets Management Plugin for WordPress. if you are already an Eventin user, then the integration of Timetics WP will definitely make your life easier and for a Timetics WP user, the potential you have in your hand is uncountable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration


It’s the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and as a booking management plugin of this era, Timetics won’t fall behind. The AI-powered booking and appointment management plugin is at your doorstep.

Zoom Integration

We won’t be limited to anything nor would we limit you from having great features. Although we already integrated Google Meet, we will also integrate Zoom very soon. 

WooCommerce Integration

We know very well that WooCommerce is an essential part of the business of many of you, that’s why we will integrate WooCommerce as soon as possible from our end.

If you have great ideas to share with us, you can submit them in the Timetics WordPress Roadmap

Try out Timetics WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin


In a nutshell, Timetics WP has great potential to upscale your business to a whole new level. It is already packed with plenty of useful features and more awesome features will be added very soon. 

Here’s to being the best Appointment & Booking WordPress Plugin ever!! 

Cheers!! 🥂

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