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Design your restaurant exactly the way you want your customers to see it. WPCafe is a flexible and easy to use Food Menu, Pickup, Delivery and Restaurant Reservation WordPress plugin.

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How to Use WPCafe Plugin

Food Menu:

Create Your Own Food Menu

Select Food Category and Location

Set Order & Delivery/ Takeaway Schedule

Start Selling Your Foods! Earn Money!

Restaurant Reservation:

Set Single/Multiple Schedule for Each Day

Define Restaurant Seat Capacity

Choose Style & Add Reservation Form

Start Taking Reservations!

Let customers order food anytime with WPCafe Mobile App

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Power Up your Food Business with WPCafe

Both Percentage and Flat Tip Option

Allow customers to give tip during the order placement. Both percentage tip and flat tip options are available for setting on the website.

Live Order Notification with Sound and Tag

New orders will highlight the ordered list. A beep sound and a pop-up will be displayed on your screen for each new order placed on the website.

Multiple Product Addon (coming)

Increase sales by giving customers multiple options to choose from as addons with their order.

33+ Food Menu Template

Set pre-made food menu styles with Elementor drag-and-drop, shortcode and Gutenberg blocks and modify WooCommerce default template.

Location-Based Food Menu

Create a custom food menu based on your restaurant location. You can set different menus and set food availability for different branch locations.

Customizable Mini Cart and Quantity Picker

Customize mini cart design and add it to each page. Customers can directly adjust product quantity with a quantity picker straight from the cart.

Discount Options on Food Menu

Add flat or percentage discount on specific food or category. WPCafe calculates discounts during checkout calculation for the food items.

Food Order and Delivery

Customers can choose pickup or delivery options. Set custom order and delivery timing or showcase your food delivery and pickup time.

Pickup and Delivery Schedule

Set holiday, regular day, weekly or holiday schedules for pickup/delivery. Dynamic delivery, pickup date/time and Translable calendar are also available.

Single/Multiple Slot Reservation Schedule

Set single/multiple slots, early or late late booking. You can even create exceptional schedules and select minimum/maximum guests size for early booking.

Manage Seat Capacity & Branch-wise Reservation

Set maximum seat capacity and automate reservation booking according to seat limits. Create separate limits for guest reservations at different branches.

Dynamic Email Notification

Send email notification for pending reservation, confirmation or cancellation from the Admin panel. You can even customize the email body.

What People Praise About WPCafe

Thank you so much for this awesome plugin, And I asking you if Looking for translation to Arabic for versions FREE & PRO?

@ezzeldean wordpress.org

Great plugin with many functions, works perfectly fine and has super friendly support!

@chiizukeeki wordpress.org

Guys, i am using the paid version and let me tell you, the support is extremely good...

@daljitpattarsingh wordpress.org

Support was function fast and effective (means the problems could solved well.) Thank you and we waiting for further nice features.

@winnischneider wordpress.org

Great plugin with many functions, works perfectly fine and has super friendly support!

@chiizukeeki wordpress.org

    Food menu with reservation

    Order Ahead with Reservation Feature

    With our Reservation and Pre-Order feature, your hungry customers can easily book a table & pre-order their favorite dishes. Give your customer the best experience by letting them:

    1. Skip the waiting time
    2. Having their favorite food ready to be
      served upon arrival


    Ready-made Food Menu Templates

    WPCafe comes with amazing food menu templates for variation food menu. Just click on the template from the drop-down menu and WP Cafe will do the rest.


    Mini-cart Widget

    Enhance your site conversion by easily adding a sticky, customizable mini-cart with quantity picker to your site. Mini-cart will appear on every page near the sidebar so that users can easily calculate the price of the product.


    You don’t have to redirect to the cart page anymore to check your cart items.

    location & category

    Food Location and Category Widget

    Do you want to showcase your available food location and food category on your site? No more hassle! With Wpcafe you can easily add your location & Category with a Shortcode. No more coding skills required!

    Live Search

    Predictive Live Search for Food Item & Category

    Adding a predictive search option can help easily filter any specific food/category in seconds. Just start typing and immediately get suggestions on items that you are searching for as you type. Quick and easy!


    Takeaway/Delivery System for Restaurant

    Our online food ordering and delivery system centralizes all pick-up, delivery and reservation. So you can easily get full control of your business.

    WPCafe provides an opportunity to print and download invoices, add notes for each order.

    Manage Online Food Order

    Manage Online Food Order

    You can showcase food items, food delivery and preparing time. Also, you can maintain pickup and delivery schedules. The plugin saves food order time and generates an invoice for each order.

    Both you and the customer will get a notification of the order updates and you can print and download the invoice after placing the order.


    Based on WooCommerce

    WPCafe is created based on WooCommerce. You can accept multiple payment methods, create captivating product pages, print invoices and delivery notes and more with the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution.

    theme support

    Check the Amazing Themes Built with WPCafe Plugin

    restaurant reservation

    Save Time on Managing Restaurant Reservation

    Single/Multiple Slot Reservation Schedule

    Get complete flexibility in managing your reservations with Single/Multiple slot reservation schedules for same day. Setup same-day single/multiple slot bookings with different seat capacities.Keep track of all your reservations straight from your dashboard by viewing reservation details, filtering reservations by dates, exporting CSV and printing details.

    Maintain Reservation and Seat Capacity

    Maintain reservation for a total seat capacity and control it from the admin panel. You can set fixed seat capacity. After fulfilling the selected capacity, the customer will get disable booking option.Choose the reservation close state either the request is pending or confirmed.

    Maintain Reservation and Seat Capacity

    Maintain reservation for a total seat capacity and control it from the admin panel. You can set fixed seat capacity. After fulfilling the selected capacity, the customer will get disable booking option.Choose the reservation close state either the request is pending or confirmed.

    Notification Email for Booking Update

    WPCafe gives you access to easily get any notification email for both admin & users when the user places a booking request.It will send email notifications for booking status change on confirm/cancel booking.

    Integrations with wpcafe

    Get Better User Experience with Advanced Integrations and Compatibility


    WPCafe integrates with WooCommerce to give customers more eCommerce-related flexibility. Enjoy all the features available for WooCommerce with WPCafe.


    Edit your restaurant website with block based editor Gutenberg. Add multiple media types, arrange your layouts within each block and get so much more with Gutenberg.

    Elementor Page Builder

    Build a layout with Elementor page builder. You will get ready widgets under Elementor page builder widget list while editing any page with Elementor.

    ElementsKit Elementor Addon

    Use ElementsKit for creating header-footers and other widgets. Get designs for your website in a few seconds using premade layouts for different sections.

    DIVI Page Builder

    WPCafe shortcodes support DIVI Builder. And you can use shortcodes to fine-tune and design your dream restaurant website.

    Dokan Multivendor

    You can create or convert your website into a multi-vendor marketplace without any hassle. WPCafe supports Dokan multivendor for the customer.

    WPBakery Page Builder

    Get full control of your site and build any layout you can imagine with this intuitive drag and drop page builder. Design your restaurant website easily with WPBakery Page Builder

    Visual Composer Builder

    Build your Restaurant website with the popular Visual Composer Builder along with WPCafe.

    Beaver Builder

    Flexible drag and drop page builder Beaver Builder gives you complete access to their page building features that makes designing your restaurant website simple and easy.

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    Affordable Pricing Plan

    Each plan is carefully designed to fit perfectly with your restaurant management needs.

    * Prices are in US dollars, excluding VAT. VAT can be charged depending on each country.

    100% Refund Policy

    Please, check refund policy. We’d love to know what went wrong and how we can improve.

    Frequently Question & Asked

    Have any queries? See if you can find your answer from our list of frequently asked questions.

    Allow minicart from WpCafe settings => Menu settings. It will display You can change minicart styles Allow location popup in front-page from menu settings.

    You can either make use of the included ‘Menu’ Eleemntor widget or the [wpc_food_menu_tab wpc_food_categories=’16,21,18,17,20′ no_of_product=’5′ product_thumbnail =’on’ wpc_cart_button =’on’ ]shortcode (just replace the wpc_food_categories with the actual category id of the menu you want to display. Change no_of_product to show total no’s of product. Show /Hide image by product_thumbnail on/off. Show /Hide cart button by wpc_cart_button on/off ).

    You can change min/max guest no and automatically confirmed booking for specific no of guest from WpCafe settings => Key options. Allow cancellations of booking, Change Date format , Set dynamic message. You can set reservation schedule from WpCafe settings => Reservation schedule. Finally just place the shortcode from WpCafe settings => Available shortcode, just place the shortcode where you want to display[wpc_reservation_form wpc_image_url=”]

    You can confirm/cancel/complete booking status and print invoice details from reservation menu (reservation => edit ) and (reservation => details)

    You can change Admin and client notifications for booking request from WpCafe settings => Notifications. You can enable/disable notifications both for admin and client. You can set message for new notifictaion. It will be added with default message.

    YES. WPCafe supports multi-vendor for WooCommerce with Dokan multivendor. To get started, please download the multivendor restaurant addon for WPCafe along with the WPCafe and Dokan plugin. Currently, we're providing support for Dokan multivendor plugin only. However, we have plans to provide support to other multi-vendor plugins soon. Check our roadmap here.

    Yes. It is possible with WPCafe PRO. You can add multiple time ranges for reservations at your restaurant. Please go to WPCafe reservation settings. After that click on the “Reservation Schedule'' tab and allow “Reservation multi-slot schedule”. You will see the multi-slot reservation settings on the page.

    Settings key- WpCafe ->  Reservation Schedule (tab) -> Reservation multi-slot schedule -> Set Schedule -> Save Changes

    If you want to translate in a single language then you can use the “Loco Translate” plugin. For multi-language translation, you can use the WPML translator plugin. Simply install the plugin and activate it. After that, please complete the basic settings and you are good to go.

    For “Loco Translate”, you can check this video tutorial and documentation. Also, for the WPML multi-language translation, here is the video and documentation link.

    Yes. WPCafe supports WordPress network site license. However, You can use a single license for a single domain network site. For multiple domain networks site, you need to buy the “Premium” or “Agency” plan. Here is WPCafe pricing details.

    Yes, the feature is available on WPCafe PRO.  You can add custom fields to the reservation form. Change the date, time format and label name. In order to make any changes, Please go to WPCafe settings and then under the “Key options” tab, the label and extra field options are available.

    Settings key- WpCafe ->  “Key options” (tab) -> edit label/add extra field -> Save Changes

    If you buy the plugin from CodeCanyon, then you do not need license key activation. Just use the Envato Marketplace plugin to get regular updates. If you buy the plugin from Theme Winter website, then follow our documentation here for activating the PRO license.

    Currently NO. However, our developers are working on a mobile application and the app will be available soon. You can check live updates at our changelog.

    Currently NO. However, our developers are working on the feature and we are hoping to add the feature soon. You can check live updates at our changelog.

    First of all, please check whether WPCafe is activated or not. If not, please activate the plugin. After that, please recheck the category ID and update it. If you still face the problem, please open a support ticket here and our team is ready to solve the problem. If you see any other related error, use the same link for the support.

    No. It does not work for multiple locations. You can select a single location each time you place a new order. If you need this feature, add a feature request to us. Our RnD team will review and take the necessary steps.

    Our plugin is compatible with most of the popular plugins and themes. Still, the page could be broken for many reasons. And there are no generic solutions for this. Please open a support ticket here and our team is ready to solve the problem. If you see any other related error, use the same link for the support.

    Yes. WPCafe uses WooCommerce for all kinds of checkout and transactions. So, you can use WooCommerce to support all the payment gateways in WPCafe.

    Yes. WPCafe supports different page builders like DIVI builder, Visual Composer and Elementor page builder. You can use a shortcode for DIVI builder and Visual Composer. And the plugin has 12+ dedicated widgets for the Elementor page builder. Most of the widgets are FREE to use. However, WPCafe PRO will be required for a few specific widgets.

    NO. Currently we do not have any option to create a delivery zone. If you need this feature, add a feature request to us. Our RnD team will review and take the necessary steps.

    Currently, we don't have a location-based charging option to our plugin. You can send us a feature request and our RnD team will review your request. However, you may try the WooCommerce shipping zone instead if it suits your requirements.

    Why go Pro?

    Are you ready to grow your business by optimizing your restaurant website? Get WPCafe PRO to avail the best features to transform your restaurant website to provide your customers with a premium experience.

    • Plugin Features
    • WPCafe Free
    • WPCafe Pro
    • Food Menu Styles (Free: 10+, Pro: 33+)
    • WooCommerce Food Menu & Food Ordering
    • Location-wise Food Menu
    • Customizable Minicart
    • Discount on menu items (Percentage Discount, Flat Discount)
    • Show Order Preparation and Delivery Schedule
    • Predictive Live Search for Food/Category
    • Multi-style Food Menus in a page
    • Minicart Quantity Selector
    • Override WooCommerce Default layout
    • Quick View For Variable Food Item
    • Checkout Tipping
    • Live Notification for New Order on Admin area
    • == Pickup and Delivery ==
    • Restaurant Ordering System for Takeaway / Delivery
    • Set Custom Pickup/Delivery Schedule
    • Email Notification for Order Pickup/Delivery Schedule
    • Dynamic Calendar for Pickup/Delivery
    • Show Order Preparation Days
    • Restaurant Reservation
    • == Restaurant Reservation System ==
    • Create and Cancel a reservation from front-end
    • Customizable Schedules for Early/Late Booking
    • Branch-wise Booking
    • Create and Cancel a reservation from front-end
    • RTL Support Form and Calendar
    • Table Reservation & Food Ordering
    • Multiple-slot reservation
    • Customizable Reservation Form with Extra Field
    • Reservation Management according to Seating Capacity
    • Customizable email notifications for reservation
    • Reservation details pdf download and printing option.
    • Reservation Export to CSV file
    • Show Restaurant Business Hours
    • == Widgets ==
    • Food Menu List
    • Food Menu Tab
    • Reservation Form
    • Food Menu with Location Filter
    • Food Menu List Pro
    • Food Menu Tab Pro
    • Food Menu Slider
    • Food Menu Tab with Slider
    • Food Menu Load More
    • Category List
    • Food Menu Location List
    • Reservation with Food Order

    Record of Latest Fixes and Updates

    Added             : Reservation holiday schedule added
    Tweak             : PHP script optimization
    Fix               : Multiple slot reservation schedule guest option 
    Added : New Order Notification from Admin area
    Added : Tipping Option for Orders
    Tweak  	          : Multi-slot all days / different day schedule validation in admin setting
    Tweak  	          : Multi-slot schedule UX update in admin setting
    Added  	          : Tooltip added in admin settings
    Tweak             : Pickup/Delivery schedule validation update in admin settings
    Tweak  	          : Clear text exchange to reset icon
    Tweak  	          : Seat capacity settings update
    Tweak  	          : Settings label and description update
    Tweak  	          : Thankyou page pickup and delivery time picker update
    Tweak  	          : Thankyou page print and download button visibility update
    Tweak  	          : WooCommerce product single page custom template rendering mechanism update
    Tweak  	          : Clear button to reset input content
    Tweak  	          : Delete button to delete repeater block
    Fix  	          : Multi-slot time picker bug fix
    Fix  	          : Weekly schedule array offset issue fixed for blank data
    Fix  	          : WPC Location List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed
    Fix  	          : WPC Category List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed
    Fix  	          : WooCommerce category menu ordering not working issue fixed
    Fix  	          : Flat discount message not showing on cart and checkout page issue fixed
    Fix               : Food menu tab slider auto-play option
    Fix               : Food location widget variation popup 
    Fix               : Load more widget control
    Fix               : Admin settings saving 
    Fix  	          : Typo fix
    Fix  	          : CSS fix
    Fix  	          : Licence module fix
    Fix  	          : Empty status check for reservation date