WPCafe Year in Review 2022: A Year of Supporting Restaurant Business Around The Globe

 WPCafe Year in Review 2022: A Year of Supporting Restaurant Business Around The Globe

In 2022, WPCafe had more than 22 releases on the free and premium versions. New features, tweaks, and fixes were there to support our valued customers. We have kept everyone updated on the new features through email and social channels. However, as this year comes to a close, we want to share a cumulative blog. Let’s look at some of the new features we released at WPCafe.

Note: We haven’t maintained any serials while discussing the features.

Special Menu Popup

wpcafe special menu popup

With WPCafe, you can add a special menu pop-up on your restaurant website. Just analyze the sales and check which items are trending. Arrange the combination and set it to roll out. The menu will influence your users to purchase the items. The best part is that you may include discounts to attract customers. This way, you can grow the sales of your unique food items.

FluentCRM Integration

wpcafe FluentCRM Integration

This year, we have added FluentCRM integration at WPCafe. FluentCRM is one of the best customer relationship management tools for WordPress. With this integration, you are now out of risk of losing any potential customers. Get the leads, including email addresses, names, phone numbers, etc in FluentCRM. You can collect the leads more easily, plan and execute the marketing plans, do campaigns, promote offers, and whatnot.

You will be happy to know, WPCafe has one more CRM integration this year. That is Groundhagg CRM integration.

Visual Table Reservation

wpcafe visual table reservation

The visual table reservation feature brings the ultimate flexibility to restaurant customers. The owner can design and display the seating arrangement on the reservation form. While customers place the reservation, they can choose their desired locations too. More information is available on our visual table reservation blog.

Order Bump Option in Mini-cart

wpcafe order bump

You can introduce clients to more products that they might find interesting through order bumping. Plus, order bumps can assist you in selling items that might not be as tempting when purchased alone as they are when combined with other items. WPCafe’s order bump feature is available as the mini cart option. Once the users make their initial purchase decisions, you can suggest similar products to the mini carts.

Food Store Location in Google Maps

Customers will find it easier to find your store location. WPCafe provides food store location features through Google Maps. Once you set the location in the admin panel, users can get it from the maps. So, no more customer bounces or losses due to location-relevant confusion.

Live Order Notification with Dynamic Sound

wpcafe order notification

Another great feature that came in 2022 is live order notification with dynamic sound. If a customer places an order, the admin will get instant notifications. They will have a sound that can be pre-set from the admin panel. You can mark an order as “seen” and confirm it afterward. With it, you are free to forget any new order. You can now maintain the preparation time and delivery of your food items.

Analytical Report for Food Order and Reservation

wpcafe Analytical UX

The detailed analytics allow you to see the performance of the restaurants at a glance. You can see the food ordering report, sales, revenue, graph in particular duration, etc.

Food Preparing and Delivery Time

wpcafe Delivery time

Show the food preparation time and delivery time on a single page. So that the customers know exactly how much time it may take to receive the food. The admin can set the best time depending on the chefs. And the hungry customers will never get angry due to the late delivery.

Food Menu  Advanced Search and Filtering

wpcafe advanced search

The feature lets your customers find their desired food more comfortably. It comes with a new Elementor widget. You can add it to your convention pages, and users can search for their food there.

Loyalty Program Integration

wpcafe Loyalty Program Integration

49% of the respondents said that they were willing to spend more after joining a loyalty program. This should help you understand how important loyalty programs for restaurants are. By integrating Points and Rewards for WooCommerce with WPCafe, we have given you the option to start your own reward program for your restaurant.

Other notable features that we have added for the year 2022 include:

  • Branch Tag Added Form Email Notification: You can display the branch tag inside the email to specify the order locations.
  • Brand New Design of Mini Cart: Mini cart design has been updated and now it’s trendy. You can choose your favorite primary and secondary color.
  • Brand New UI/UX: We updated the UI/UX for better and more stylish looks. You can now easily find the settings that you are looking for.
  • Brand New UX in Admin Dashboard: The admin dashboard design has also got an update. So, you can get connected with the support team, blogs, and resources from the dashboard.
  • Cart Icon And Popup Icon Fixed: The design of the cart and popup icon in the food menu shortcode and widget was fixed this year.
  • Coupon Form Added in Mini-cart: Offer special coupon codes to the customers and allow them to use them in the mini-cart.

  • Food Menu Modal Icon Change Option: You can now change the model icon of the food menu. The feature helps you to present restaurants in more personalized ways.
  • Food Ordering Type Added in Order Report Table: Customers can see whether the order has been picked up or delivered from the report table. It makes the order more transparent to the purchaser.
  • Google Autocomplete Address in Checkout: Customers can get auto-completed address suggestions in the address field. So, they do not require to put the data multiple times.
  • Location List Selection Widget & Shortcode: We have added the shortcode and widgets for the location list. You can add and display the list with both the shortcode and widgets on the necessary page.
  • Minimum Order Amount to Place Order: You can set the minimum order amount for each order. With the feature, you can make sure, you are not facing trouble managing your staff and delivery man.
  • New Style Added in Reservation: A brand new style was added to the reservation form. Along with the old form, you can now use the new format too.
  • Pickup/ Delivery Time Format Updated: The style of pick-up and delivery time has been updated.

  • Product Cart Icon Change Option: You can now change the icon of the cart. Set the trendy icon that suits your brand design.
  • Text Option Added in Food Menu Addons: Addons option extended with the test type input. You can add multiple addons and name them in your own ways.
  • Thermal Printer Integration: We have an integrated thermal printer at WPCafe.
  • Timezone Added in Reservation Form: Use your local time as WPCafe support time zone which has been added this year.
  • Variation Popup Gallery Image Added: We have added varieties of pop-ups for gallery images.
  • Vendor Name Added in Widget: For the food marketplace, we have added the vendor name as a widget. It’s more conventional now to display the name of the food shop.

Bonus: WPCafe Mobile Application

wpcafe mobile app

This year, we have updated the WPCafe mobile app, and it’s available for purchase. The white-label mobile app can help restaurant owners grab mobile users. The app comes with push notifications, fast speed, food menus, etc. This app is kind of the first among the other food menu plugins. Moreover, the app comes with a new addon. It allows you to manage the delivery status of the team members.

Test WPCafe on Your Website

That’s all for this year. We are looking forward to adding more features in 2023. You can submit feature suggestions here and view the live roadmap from this page.

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