Food Ordering with QR Code: Benefits, Tutorial and Best Practice (2024)

 Food Ordering with QR Code: Benefits, Tutorial and Best Practice (2024)

Food ordering with QR codes became popular during the pandemic. In particular, it helps keep a distance between the restaurant employees and the customers. The pandemic dies down, but the QR Code Order does not.

Scan to order is a fast and simple way of directing customers to digital menus, which is why they’re still useful. In fact, food ordering with QR codes seems like a smart approach for restaurants. In this blog, we will be talking about details, including QR Code basics, how to set up a food QR Code menu, and the best practice of food ordering with QR Code.

🤔 What is QR Code Ordering System?


QR code ordering is a method of digitizing your menu and ordering process. Restaurants use QR codes by placing them on tables or counters, allowing customers to access the menu with their smartphones. 

▶️ Importance of Food Ordering with QR Code

The first and foremost is that it is easily accessible. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can scan the QR code effortlessly. For the new models, this can be executed automatically with the camera. In many cases, it can be read with a third-party app as well. 

As they evolve with the mobile-optimized content, the QR codes are the best partner for the digital platform on mobile. The restaurant industry can leverage this fact and promote the food ordering system in an easy and safe manner.

  • Cut out third-party fees.
  • Let customers order from their phones.
  • Serve more customers with limited staff.
  • Focus on customer service.
  • Offer contactless payments.
  • Faster service without rushing customers.
  • Eliminate menu sharing between customers.
  • Easily update menu items with photos.
  • Reduce staff contact with customers.
  • Enhanced hygiene and safety.

▶️ Use Cases Example

A customer will need to deal with the restaurant waiter to place an order for a restaurant having no QR code menu. And the restaurant owner have no option to update the menu regular basis. So, if any items is missing in individual day, waiter will need to say sorry again and again.

Now, If you have the QR code then customers can take the table, scan and place the order. The manager can update the menu any time they wants. Smother and quality experience for the customers. It also save a lot of time. Moreover, It is helpful for small restaurant which have small manpower.

🧩 How to Setup QR Code Ordering with WPCafe 


Adding a QR Code food menu for food ordering is just a few steps better with WPCafe. No matter whether you are a technically minded person or not, you can add a QR Code food menu for food ordering. In four simple steps, you can get started with food ordering with a QR code.

➕ Add the Food Menu Page

First, you need to create a food menu page on your website. This page URL will be used during the QR Code generation. Instead of creating a new page, you can also use any existing page on your website. Inside the Food Menu Page, you can add the food menu based on your needs. You can also see how to create a food menu here.

  • Create New Page: Pages -> New Page

➕ Generate QR Code

To generate the QR Code, go to the “Settings” from the WPCafe settings panel. Under the “Food Ordering” tab, you will see the “QR Code” option. Click on it for the next action.

  • Dashboard-> WPCafe -> Settings -> Food Ordering -> QR Code

Add the “Table Name/ID” and “Page URL” and then click on the “Save Changes” button. A food menu QR code will be generated. You are ready to use the QR Code. To add multiple tables or multiple menus, click on the “Add” button. Please note that until you click the “Save Changes” button, you will not see the QR Code. You can download and provide the QR Code to the customer.


➕ Scan QR Code


A sample QR Code for Food Ordering

The customer will get the link to the food menu once they scan the QR code. Then they can click on the link to get to that food menu page.


A demo food menu page

If someone orders any items from the menu, they will see the table name in the invoice.


Check Order Details

The admin can see the order details that come from the specific QR Code on the orders page. Go to WooCommerce then Orders and you will see the table name under the “Table Name” section.


👾 Best Practices for Food Ordering Using QR Code


Replacing traditional printed menus with QR Code food menus is a massive step towards providing a digital experience to restaurant customers. But when you are starting a QR Code food menu for food ordering, you will need to ensure the best quality. Here’s a list of things you should do as QR Code for Food Ordering best practices.

✔️ Use Device Friendly QR Code Menu Page

Most of the customers will scan the QR code food menu from their mobile or tablet. So, you need to design the food menu page that fits with them and grabs their attention.

The QR Code food menu should be responsive and mobile-friendly. It should load perfectly on different screens. Also, it should drive to a perfect menu page, not just an attached PDF or HTML page.

✔️ Ensure Fast Loading Food Menu

The conversion rates of a website drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time in the first five seconds. So, the faster your food menu page is, the better conversion you will have. When you are adding a QR Code food menu to food ordering, make sure the menu page is loading within a moment.

✔️ Customize QR Code Menu to Match Your Brand

When you are creating your food menu, make sure it matches your brand and looks good. A food menu that does not match the restaurant’s brand can reduce the conversion rate dramatically. You can reflect on the brands through the color combination.

✔️ Do Quality Check Before Launch

Check and re-check the QR code before its launch. With WPCafe, you can add unlimited QR codes with tables. Moreover, you can create a demo order in WooCommerce. Utilizing the options, you can create multiple food menus. Test all the QR Codes before giving them to the customers.

✔️ Keep Updated on the Food Menu

Update the food menu on a regular basis on the websites. When you are adding new food items, update the menu immediately. If any items are not available, remove them from the food menu page. In this way, you can avoid misunderstandings and refunds from your customers.

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👉 Try WPCafe QR Code on Food Ordering

For many restaurant operators, QR codes are a game-changer that may greatly simplify life for both their customers and staff. It’s time to provide the users with a better experience and increase sales at your restaurant. Install WPCafe and WPCafe pro and add QR Codes for food ordering. Replace the traditional paper-based menu and use a modern QR Code menu for your online business.

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