Enhance the Power of Facebook Events with Eventin!

 Enhance the Power of Facebook Events with Eventin!

“If a company invited me to be a VIP at an event, I’d be a customer for life.”

Could you believe, in a survey, 78% of Americans actually said that?

It shows great events have a massive impact on your company’s growth!

And for effortless event creation, the most popular platform is undoubtedly Facebook Events by popular social media platform – Facebook.

According to Oberlo, in 2023, about 3.03 billion people use Facebook, which is approximately double that of 2018. It’s increasing every day!

What a fantastic opportunity to expose your company to such a large number of people! 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control all of this from your company’s website?

Curious much? Let us take you to a deep dive into Facebook events and how you can maintain everything from one place.

About Facebook Events


Who doesn’t know about Facebook Events?

Facebook Events is a versatile platform within the expansive realm of social media giant Facebook. It can help you and your organizations to create, promote, and manage events of all kinds. 

Facebook Events provides a dedicated space for:

  • Event creation
  • Event promotion
  • Audience engagement

You can showcase your upcoming events in a visually appealing and informative format, making it easier for users to discover, RSVP, and engage with events that interest them. 

Facebook Events accommodates diverse event types, from workshops and product launches to grand openings and networking gatherings.

For a business owner, Facebook Events offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your brand presence, engagement, and overall growth.

Challenges of Managing Facebook Events

Managing Facebook Events has its own set of challenges. These difficulties call for strategic handlings, such as standing out in a crowded event landscape, maintaining engagement, and resolving technical issues.

While Facebook Events offer powerful benefits, you can face certain challenges. Here is a list of hurdles to be aware of:

One-Stop Facebook Event Solution From Your Website

Event VisibilityAmidst the multitude of events, your event might struggle to stand out and gain attention
Engagement SustainmentMaintaining attendee engagement from start to finish can be difficult, impacting interest
Targeting LimitationsPrecision in targeting can be limited, potentially missing some attendees slightly outside the criteria
Negative Feedback ManagementAddressing negative comments promptly and professionally is essential to uphold your brand
Event OverlapsCoordinating event schedules amidst similar events can divide your potential audience
Technical GlitchesTechnical problems during event creation or participation can discourage attendees’ interest
RSVP AccuracyManaging attendees who RSVP but don’t show up can complicate event planning
Mobile vs. Desktop ExperienceEnsuring seamless user experience across devices is crucial for attendee engagement
Content CompetitionYour event content competes with other events and general feed content, requiring attention
Event TimingSelecting the best date and time considering time zones and availability can be challenging
Post-Event EngagementSustaining attendee engagement post-event demands thoughtful strategies for ongoing connection

If you have a business that has a fully functional WordPress website and uses a Content Management System (CMS), Facebook events integration can bring you remarkable benefits. 

Operating Facebook Events directly from your website offers a streamlined approach that enhances brand visibility, engagement, and customer interactions. 

✅ Here’s how you can incorporate Facebook Events into your website and the advantages it brings:

Seamless Integration

By embedding Facebook Events directly onto your website, you provide a unified platform for your audience to explore your events without leaving your site. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience, fostering trust and engagement.

Enhanced User Experience

Operating Facebook Events from your website simplifies the event discovery process. Visitors can seamlessly browse your offerings, RSVP, and engage with event details, all in one place. This frictionless experience encourages higher participation rates.

Brand Consistency

Hosting Facebook Events on your website maintains consistent branding throughout the user journey. This cohesive presentation reinforces your brand identity and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Expanded Reach

Integrating Facebook Events with your website extends your promotional efforts. As users interact with your website, they’re exposed to your events, leading to increased event attendance and brand exposure.

Unified Event Management

Operating Facebook Events from your website simplifies event management. You can update event details on your website, and changes are automatically reflected on your Facebook Events page, ensuring accuracy and avoiding discrepancies.

Enhanced Analytics

Running events from your website provides deeper insights into user behavior. You can track user engagement, event popularity, and conversion rates, allowing you to refine your event strategies.

Data Ownership

Managing events on your website ensures you maintain ownership of event data and user interactions. This control is valuable for targeted marketing and personalized customer engagement.

Improved Conversion Rates

With seamless event browsing and registration on your website, visitors are more likely to convert to attendees. The ease of use translates into higher participation rates.

Audience Engagement

Encouraging users to interact with your events directly on your website fosters community engagement and conversation, creating a hub for discussions and anticipation.

Enter Eventin: The Solution to Your Facebook Event Hurdles


Eventin is the name for the best solution in event production and management. It is both effective and simple. 

Eventin allows you to handle all events by simply displaying an event calendar

As a result, anyone can use this calendar to look up upcoming events. 

Then what makes it different?

Eventin has features to show a complete visual plan, a full event schedule, and speaker/organizer/area-specific event suggestions to your audiences. 
Furthermore, this top event management plugin can generate several sorts of tickets and sell them at various costs.

With Eventin, you can organize and manage:

  • Infinite events
  • Design flexible timetables 
  • Boost customer loyalty with CRM
  • Confirm participants with unique QR codes, and so on.

Also, Eventin’s dashboard provides detailed sales and attendee analytics, which can help you make long-term and short-term decisions for your business.

Eventin provides you with an all-in-one event solution package. Once you get it, you don’t need to worry about managing your events anymore. 

How Can Eventin & Facebook Events Integration Benefit You?


Eventin is now offering you more, than ever, any other plugin. 

After supporting a variety of connectors such as Zoom, Fluent CRM, and Stripe, Eventin has now announced its integration with Facebook in its recent release.

Especially for businesses of all sizes, Eventin Facebook Events offers a range of features designed to enhance event visibility and engagement. And ultimately, it drives your business growth. 

And together with Eventin and Facebook Events, you can get the desired output for your goal. How? Let’s find the reasons here:

Organize Everything in One Place

Yes, you heard it right. Through Eventin you’ll get every benefit in one place to organize your event properly. 

With amazing event-organizing features in Eventin, you can now run Facebook events in a way that boosts your sales and promotes you widely.  

Even if you need to on-air multiple Facebook events at a time, you can do that with the help of Eventin.

You can import Facebook events directly from your Facebook account and operate the event management process by centralizing all of your events in one location.

Boost Event Promotion and Expand Reach

For a successful event promotion, you must spread the event to as many people as possible. Because of Facebook’s massive user base, your event reaches people who might have otherwise missed it.

The integration allows event attendees to easily share event details with their networks, initiating a chain reaction of interest and engagement. Imagine the collective impact as attendees promote your event through their social circles! 

Again, research by Sponsez says that about 75% of event sponsors are constantly looking for new partnerships. So, this can open to B2B opportunities for you as well!

Thus, you can effortlessly expand your event’s reach beyond your immediate network and tap into a pool of genuinely interested potential clients.

Manage Data for Consistency

Keeping event information consistent across platforms is very important for you, we know. 

The integration ensures that updates made on your Facebook Events page will show on your site in a more organized way. 

This eliminates the confusion that can arise from conflicting details, leaving attendees with a clear understanding of your event. 

Simplify RSVPs and Improve Attendee Experience

The people who are going to attend your Facebook events can confirm their attendance or express interest through Eventin’s integrated event page. 

This streamlined RSVP process gives you real-time insights into attendee numbers, enabling better event planning. 

Additionally, features like event discussions, updates, and E-mail or WhatsApp notifications keep attendees engaged and informed, ensuring a dynamic and interactive event experience. 

Get Valuable Insights for Smart Decisions

Data-driven decisions will lead you to successful events. 

Through Eventin-Facebook integration, you can get insights into metrics like event reach, engagement, and attendee demographics. 

You can now access the Facebook Event reports whenever you want from the admin dashboard. The events that Eventin will import from Facebook will appear in front of you as a list. 

These data can lead you to make smart decisions you can know how you are doing or what needs to be done.

Navigate All Your Facebook Events Easily

By giving you the opportunity to use shortcodes to show Facebook Events on your website, Eventin takes event promotion to a new level. 

You can easily include event details on your website using shortcodes, which are simple pieces of code. 

If you need to plan regular events, remember this hack; This is quite beneficial. You can avoid spending time each week creating events by using this function. 

Now that your forthcoming events are easily accessible to website users, you can raise engagement and attendance rates.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using Eventin with Facebook Events

Step-by-Step Guide: Using Eventin with Facebook Events

With Eventin’s Facebook events integration, you can display all the events on the website created through your Facebook account. To use this integration for your events, you need to follow these 5 easy steps beforehand-

Step #1: Install Eventin

Firstly, install the following plugins on your site:

  • Eventin
  • Eventin Pro
  • Eventin Facebook Addon

You’ll get the Eventin Facebook Addon with the Eventin Pro Plugin bundle.

After activating the Eventin free and pro versions, install and activate the Eventin Facebook Addon from Plugins-> Add new.

Now, navigate to Eventin ->Addons and enable the Facebook Event.

Step #2: Get Facebook APP ID and Key

After installing Eventing, create a Facebook APP ID and APP key.

If you have no Developer account then go to Meta and register as a Developer. 

Now, create a Facebook App using the “Create App” button. Select “Other Option” > “None Option” for App setup.

Insert the APP Name and contact Email, and click “Create App.”

Access your app’s dashboard. Then add Facebook Login. Choose the web option, insert the website URL, and save.

Get the Site URL from Eventin settings. Add that as “Valid OAuth Redirect URLs“, then in Basic Settings, find App ID & Secret. Copy and paste them into the plugin settings.

Step #3 Insert APP ID and Key

In Eventin settings, go to Integrations -> Facebook. Insert the APP ID and Secret Key. Save to see the “Authorize” button. Click to authorize your Facebook account, then continue for successful authorization, confirming the account’s success.

Step #4 Import Event from Facebook 

You are almost there.

Time to get the Event ID from the Facebook event URL.

Go to Eventin -> Facebook Import -> Add New Event, insert Event ID. Import by clicking the “Import” button. Optionally, add a Facebook page or Group ID to fetch events.

Due to Facebook restrictions, you can import only public events from pages or groups, not personal account events. Your imported events appear before your eyes.

Step #5 Display Events on Frontend

To display the event on your site, you need to go to Eventin -> Shortcodes -> Facebook Event (Pro) -> Click “Generate Shortcode” and access the popup form. Click “Generate,” then copy the code. 

Create a page, paste the shortcode, and you’re done!

If you need to see these steps in more detail, follow this documentation here.



Q: Can I Still Use Eventin Without Integrating It With Facebook Events?

Absolutely. Eventin remains a standalone event management platform, offering comprehensive features. Integration with Facebook Events enhances event promotion but is not mandatory for Eventin use. You can use Eventin for creating, managing & selling events- both online and offline. 

Q: Is My Event Data Secure When Integrating With Facebook Events?

Yes, both Eventin and Facebook prioritize data security. Your event data is protected and shared only within the scope of the integration, ensuring privacy and compliance with data regulations. You have control of your data. 

Q: Do I Need Any Technical Expertise To Set Up The Integration?

No technical expertise is required. The integration procedure is user-friendly and intuitive. It allows event organizers of all backgrounds to integrate Facebook Events on their sites easily. Eventin provides the necessary documentation for each integration so that you can navigate them easily. Check this Facebook event integration documentation here


Facebook Events is now one of the most widely used virtual event platforms. Industries and influencers all around the world use it as one of the essential tools for organizing virtual events. 

With Eventin, you can cut off the hassle of switching tabs and untidy management. Just download Eventin and manage everything from your site. 

Eventin’s Facebook Events integration is now live to define your event-organizing experience better than before. 

So, try the Facebook events integration feature today and feel the difference in managing events.