11 Top Restaurant WordPress Themes for Easy Online Ordering [2024]

 11 Top Restaurant WordPress Themes for Easy Online Ordering [2024]

In a culinary landscape where the digital dining experience is just as important as the gourmet delights served on the plate, choosing the right plugin from the list of the top restaurant WordPress themes is like selecting the perfect blend of ingredients for your signature dish. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting an immersive online journey that keeps patrons coming back for seconds. 

Join us as we embark on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the key ingredients that make these unique restaurant themes stand out from the crowd. From sleek designs to seamless online ordering functionalities, all these fine dining restaurant themes have been handpicked to ensure that your restaurant’s online presence sizzles with flavor and charm.

Whether you’re a trendy café, a cozy bistro, or a five-star dining destination, our guide promises to serve up a feast of inspiration and innovation. 

So grab a seat at the digital table and get ready to indulge in the finest selection of the top restaurant WordPress themes the web has to offer. 

Key Considerations When Choosing a Restaurant WordPress Theme

As there are numerous plugins out there, it’s tough to determine which fine dining restaurant themes you should keep in your bucket list. But if you consider keeping some common factors after getting the best restaurant theme ideas in mind, you’ll be able to pick up the grand restaurant theme for you from the list of the top restaurant WordPress themes.

Here are some factors you can consider in this regard-

  • Mobile Responsiveness: In an era dominated by smartphones, ensuring that your website looks and functions flawlessly across all devices is paramount. Opt for a unique WordPress theme that boasts responsive design, guaranteeing a seamless browsing experience for customers on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.
  • Customization Options: Your restaurant’s website should reflect its unique personality and brand identity. Look for unique restaurant themes that offer extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor colors, fonts, layouts, and imagery to align with your establishment’s aesthetic and ambiance.
  • Integration with Online Ordering Systems: Streamline the online ordering process by selecting a grand restaurant WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates with popular online ordering systems or plugins such as WooCommerce. This ensures that customers can browse your menu, place orders, and make reservations with ease, enhancing overall user experience.
  • SEO-Friendliness: Enhance your restaurant’s online visibility and attract more customers by choosing a fine dining restaurant theme that is optimized for search engines. Look for features such as clean code, fast loading times, and built-in SEO tools that will help improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages.
  • Menu Management: A visually appealing and easily accessible menu is crucial for enticing customers and driving sales. Ensure that the theme you choose offers robust menu management capabilities, allowing you to showcase your culinary offerings in an attractive and organized manner.
  • Customer Support and Updates: Opt for a theme from a reputable developer who offers reliable customer support and regular updates. This ensures that any technical issues can be promptly addressed, and your website remains secure and up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: For restaurants offering online ordering or delivery services, seamless payment processing is essential. Choose a theme that supports integration with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Square, allowing customers to securely complete transactions directly on your website.

These are just some key points to consider to generate the best restaurant theme ideas. Depending on the requirements of your restaurant, you can consider keeping some other factors that will help you choose the right plugin for your restaurant.

11 Top Restaurant WordPress Themes You Should Check Out in 2024

There are thousands of quality top restaurant WordPress themes available online. But to enhance your choosing convenience, we’ve handpicked 11 top restaurant management themes that you should definitely check out. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


NUVO is a sleek and sophisticated fine dining restaurant theme designed specifically for restaurants, cafes, and bars. With its responsive design and intuitive features, NUVO makes it easy to create an elegant online presence for your establishment. Standout features include seamless menu management, online reservation integration, and compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce for online ordering. Also, if you want to turn your unique restaurant menu ideas into reality, NUVO can definitely help!

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes Twitter Bootstrap Framework
  • Theme with Responsive Design
  • Includes Visual Composer Plugin
  • Features Essential Grid Plugin
  • Integrated Slider Plugin
  • Flexible Layout Options: FRevolution full-width or Boxed
  • Ready for Translation – supports WordPress Multilingual Plugin

NUVO Price

Starts from $59/year

2. Food Bakery

Step into the warm embrace of freshly baked delights with the Food Bakery WordPress theme that has enabled itself to be in the list of the top restaurant WordPress themes. Crafted with love for passionate bakers and pastry artisans, this theme infuses your online presence with the aroma of homemade goodness. From showcasing your unique restaurant menu ideas in mouthwatering galleries to effortlessly managing orders with integrated eCommerce features, Food Bakery is your trusted companion on the journey to sweet success. So, you can get ready to charm taste buds and win hearts with every click.

Highlighted Features

  • Complete customization with 100% open-source flexibility
  • Seamless responsiveness across all devices
  • Multi-Restaurant Food Portal integration for enhanced variety
  • Intuitive menu builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Instant email alerts for incoming orders
  • Secure payment gateway for online transactions
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce gateways for added convenience
  • Comprehensive customer order history tracking
  • Efficient merchants order management system

Food Bakery Price

Start from $69/year

3. Gloreya

Gloreya is a versatile WordPress theme tailored for restaurants, cafes, and food businesses. With its modern design and robust features, Gloreya offers seamless online ordering, reservation management, and menu showcasing capabilities. Its intuitive customization options, coupled with compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Visual Composer, make it one of the top restaurant WordPress themes seeking to enhance their online presence in 2024.

Highlighted Features

  • Access to over 33 food menu templates empowered by WPCafe
  • Comprehensive Reservation Management System for seamless booking
  • Compatibility with the Elementor page builder for easy customization
  • Varied Payment Methods flexibility through WooCommerce integration
  • Support for RTL Language to cater to diverse audiences
  • Eye-catching Parallax Effects enhancing visual appeal
  • Built on the robust foundation of Twitter Bootstrap 4
  • Utilization of Google Web Fonts for enhanced typography

Gloreya Price

Starts from $59/year

4. PatioTime

PatioTime is a vibrant and versatile WordPress theme tailored for restaurants, cafes, and outdoor dining establishments. With its refreshing design and intuitive features, PatioTime invites customers to savor the al fresco dining experience. Highlights include customizable menu layouts, seamless online reservations, and dynamic event management. Whether you’re hosting a brunch on the terrace or an evening cocktail soirée, PatioTime sets the stage for memorable dining moments under the open sky by letting you showcase your unique restaurant menu ideas. And that’s how we can consider it one of the top restaurant WordPress themes.

Highlighted Features

  • Support for RTL languages.
  • Import demos with just one click.
  • Access to over 1000 Google Fonts.
  • Choose from 5 different Blog List Layouts.
  • Ensured compatibility across various browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.
  • Optimized for SEO and fully compatible with Yoast SEO.
  • Includes 12 pre-made demos for easy customization.

PatioTime Price

Starts from $44/year

5. Grillino

Grillino is a bold and grand restaurant WordPress theme perfect for grill houses, BBQ restaurants, and steakhouse establishments. With its eye-catching design and robust features, Grillino offers menu management capabilities, online reservation integration, and stunning image galleries to showcase your culinary creations. Its responsive layout ensures optimal viewing across all devices, while its customization options allow you to tailor the theme to match your unique restaurant menu ideas and ambiance.

Highlighted Features

  • Robust Framework
  • Compatibility across browsers
  • Responsive Design Layout
  • Includes Premium Layer Slider & Slick Slider
  • Integration with Contact form 7
  • Comprehensive Online Documentation

Grillino Price

Starts from $58/year

6. Caverta

Caverta offers something beyond your expectations. It represents the epitome of culinary sophistication, encapsulated in a WordPress theme designed to elevate your restaurant’s online presence. With its refined aesthetics and intuitive features, Caverta seamlessly integrates online ordering, reservation management, and menu customization. Your patrons will be impressed by stunning visuals of your unique restaurant menu ideas  and effortless navigation. In the section below, we’ll highlight some features that make Caverta the preferred choice for culinary connoisseurs seeking a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Highlighted Features

  • Explore 13 unique homepage layouts
  • Instantly import demos with just one click
  • Customize effortlessly with WordPress Live Customizer
  • Ready for Gutenberg integration
  • Enjoy a fully responsive design
  • Choose from 7 distinct Header styles
  • Incorporate videos seamlessly: self-hosted, YouTube, or Vimeo
  • Craft your footer with ease using Elementor – select from 7 pre-made layouts
  • Access 12 pre-designed page templates for menus

Caverta Price

Starts from $58/year

7. Rosa 2

Rosa 2 is a visually stunning fine dining restaurant theme for restaurants, bistros, and cafes. With its elegant design and seamless integration with popular plugins like OpenTable, Rosa 2 simplifies online reservations and table management. This grand restaurant WordPress theme offers a customizable menu layout, eye-catching galleries to showcase culinary creations, and smooth scrolling effects for an immersive browsing experience. Rosa 2 is the perfect choice for establishments aiming to enchant customers with a touch of sophistication.

Highlighted Features

  • Stunning scrolling effect
  • Enhanced convenience in brand color adjustment
  • Quality page builder
  • Sticky header and stretched images
  • Smart device responsive

Rosa 2 Price

Starts from $75/year

8. Cafesio

This sophisticated WordPress theme isn’t just for cafes and coffee shops; it’s a tasteful choice for all modern restaurants, personal chefs, and culinary ventures. With its latest update introducing two new home variations, Cafesio offers a fresh take on professional design coupled with comprehensive restaurant management features. Another exciting aspect is that this grand restaurant WordPress theme is powered by the WPCafe WordPress plugin, which serves as your recipe for success in managing an online restaurant site, making the theme one of the top restaurant WordPress themes with a decent customer rating.

Highlighted Features

  • Blazing fast!
  • Multiple home pages with smart subpages
  • 6 powerful plugins including Elementor and WooCommerce
  • One-click demo installation
  • ElementsKit header and footer builder

Cafesio Price

Starts from $59/year

9. Elroyale

Elroyale is a grand restaurant WordPress theme tailored for upscale restaurants and fine dining establishments. With its elegant design and extensive customization options, Elroyale allows you to create a luxurious online presence that reflects the ambiance and prestige of your restaurant. Key features include advanced menu management, reservation booking system integration, stunning gallery layouts, and seamless eCommerce capabilities for online ordering.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% Responsive
  • Full-width or boxed layout
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Supports popular plugins including WPBakery, Contact form 7, etc.

Elroyale Price

Starts from $59/year

10. Gusteau

This WordPress grand restaurant WordPress theme is more than just a design; it’s an experience. The range of useful features has made it one of the top restaurant WordPress themes. With Gusteau, you can immerse your visitors in the ambiance of your establishment, tantalize their taste buds with stunning visuals of your cuisine, and make booking a table as effortless as a culinary masterpiece.

Highlighted Features

  • Contact form 7 ready
  • 44+ custom social icons
  • Stunning Parallax Effect
  • 671+ Google fonts
  • Compatible with opentable
  • Translation ready

Gusteau Price

Starts from $29/year

11. Foody 24/7

This particular WordPress theme is particularly designed for the restaurants who mainly handle online food ordering. Not only that, you can use this website as a food blog, online cookbook, restaurant listing, etc. Also it supports all the popular plugins such as Elementor, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, etc, making it one of the top restaurant WordPress themes. Hence, Foody 24/7 could be your all-in-one solution especially when your restaurant needs to handle online orders mostly.

Highlighted Features

  • Seamless integration with Woocommerce for a complete store experience.
  • Access to captivating pre-designed pages including About, Team, Products, and Shortcodes.
  • Effortless management of restaurant menus, ensuring exceptional presentation.
  • Convenient online food ordering for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Choose from 3 stunning premade layouts to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Foody 24/7 Price

Starts from $69/year

Final Verdict

After exploring the top restaurant WordPress themes of 2024, it’s evident that each option brings its own unique flavor to the table. 

From the sleek sophistication of NUVO to the inviting ambiance of PatioTime, there’s a theme to suit every culinary concept and dining experience. Whether you prioritize seamless online ordering, stunning visual design, or robust reservation management, these unique restaurant themes offer the tools and flexibility to elevate your restaurant’s online presence. 

Ultimately, the best restaurant theme ideas depend on your specific needs and preferences. Whichever theme you select, you’re one step closer to crafting a delectable digital destination for your patrons. So, we hope this blog helps. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are restaurant themes?

Restaurant themes are specially designed website templates or layouts tailored to meet the specific needs of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food-related businesses. These themes typically include features such as menu management, online reservation systems, integration with online ordering platforms, and visually appealing designs that showcase the ambiance and cuisine of the restaurant.

Is WordPress good for restaurants?

Yes, WordPress is an excellent platform for restaurants. It offers a wide range of customizable themes and plugins specifically designed for the hospitality industry. But it’s always suggested to select from the top restaurant WordPress themes with good community rating and the robust functionalities. With WordPress, restaurants can easily create and manage their websites, showcase their menus, accept online reservations, and even facilitate online ordering and delivery services.

What is the most popular WordPress theme?

The popularity of WordPress themes can vary depending on trends and individual preferences. However, some popular restaurant WordPress themes include NUVO, Foodica, Rosa, and Divi. These themes are known for their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

What are the different types of restaurant themes?

There are several types of unique restaurant themes available, catering to different culinary concepts and dining experiences. Some common types include:

  • Fine dining themes
  • Casual dining themes
  • Café and coffee shop themes
  • Bar and pub themes
  • Fast food and takeaway themes
  • Ethnic cuisine themes (e.g., Italian, Mexican, Asian)

What are some good themes for restaurants?

As we’ve mentioned in the blog, some top restaurant WordPress themes include NUVO, Foodica, Rosa, Divi, Gloreya, and Foody 24/7. These themes offer a range of features such as menu management, online reservations, integration with online ordering systems, responsive design, and customizable layouts, making them ideal choices for restaurants looking to establish a strong online presence. But there are plenty of options for you from where you can choose the desired one for your restaurant.

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