5 Best WordPress Geolocation Targeting Plugin: Location-Based Menu for Your Store 2024 

 5 Best WordPress Geolocation Targeting Plugin: Location-Based Menu for Your Store 2024 

Geolocation technology is becoming an increasingly popular method for tracking the location of WordPress website visitors. By utilizing a geolocation targeting plugin, your restaurant can acquire valuable insights into visitor location data, enabling you to tailor your menu items to specific audiences. Furthermore, by using geotargeting functionality, you can display location-specific items or hide certain items from visitors in specific regions.

🙌 In this article, we will explore some of the best geolocation and geotargeting plugins for WordPress that provide powerful features to help you gain more insights into your website visitors.

🎯 What and Why Use WordPress Geolocation Plugin?


WordPress geolocation plugins enable to assign a specific location to items on the restaurant menu. The use of a WordPress geolocation plugin can enhance the functionality of your store in various ways. You can create more relevant and engaging user experiences, which ultimately lead to better website performance and improved business outcomes. 

➕ Here are Some Reasons Why you Might Consider Using Such a Plugin:

🔎 Localized Content Delivery: Geolocation plugins can help you deliver location-specific content to your visitors. For example, you can show different promotions, products, or information based on the user’s geographical location. This helps personalize the user experience and make your content more relevant to specific audiences.

🔎 Targeted Marketing: If you run an e-commerce site or offer services in specific regions, geolocation can be used to target your marketing efforts more effectively. You can display location-based advertisements or promotions, increasing the chances of conversion as the content is more relevant to the user.

🔎 Customized User Experience: Depending on the user’s location, you can customize their browsing experience. This might include showing relevant news, weather updates, or other information that is specific to their geographical area. Providing a personalized experience can improve user engagement and satisfaction.

🔎 Enhanced Security: Geolocation can also be used for security purposes. Some plugins allow you to restrict access to your website or certain content based on the user’s location. This can be useful for limiting access to sensitive information or complying with regional restrictions.

🔎 Analytics and Insights: Geolocation data can provide valuable insights into the geographic distribution of your website’s traffic. You can use this information to refine your content strategy, marketing campaigns, and overall website optimization.

🔎 Mobile App Integration: If you have a mobile app associated with your WordPress site, geolocation can be used to enhance the app’s functionality. For example, you can provide location-based services, directions, or notifications to app users.

When choosing a geolocation plugin, consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with your WordPress version, the level of customization it offers, and any additional features that may be relevant to your specific needs.

🏆 Best Geotargeting WordPress Plugins


We have just learned about “Geotargeting” or “Location-Based Menu”. Now, let’s take a look at the best 5 “WordPress geotargeting plugins” and understand how each one works. By carefully evaluating and exploring these you can take advantage of the power of geolocation targeting and elevate the engagement and success of your WordPress website to the next level.

1# OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation and conversion optimization software for WordPress websites. It offers a drag-and-drop campaign builder and numerous templates for marketing campaigns. It also offers powerful display rules, such as geo-targeting, which allows you to display relevant content, discounts, and other campaigns to users from different countries. OptinMonster integrates easily with email marketing software and offers numerous customization options for its campaign builder.

🚀 Some Special Features of OptinMonster

  • Drag-and-drop campaign builder: OptinMonster’s visual builder makes it easy to create eye-catching optin forms, even if you have no coding experience. You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates or start from scratch.
  • Multiple campaign types: OptinMonster offers a variety of campaign types, including popups, slide-ins, static bars, fullscreen welcome mats, and countdown timers. This allows you to choose the campaign type that best suits your goals and target audience.
  • Advanced targeting options: OptinMonster allows you to target your campaigns to specific visitors based on a variety of factors, such as their location, referral source, on-site behavior, and more. This ensures that your campaigns are seen by the right people at the right time.
  • Integrations: OptinMonster integrates with a variety of popular email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and other marketing tools. This makes it easy to connect your optin forms to your other marketing efforts.

👍 Best for: Lead generation and targeted pop-ups.
💰 Pricing: The Basic plan costs $9 per month and the Pro plan costs $29 per month.

2#  WPForms


WPForms is a flexible form builder for WordPress that also functions as a geolocation plugin. It allows users to create various types of forms using a drag-and-drop builder. The Geolocation addon adds two geolocation features: address autocomplete and address auto-detection. The autocomplete feature works with Google Maps or Mapbox Search APIs, making forms easier to fill in and reducing form abandonment. WPForms also allows for WordPress geotargeting, capturing the location of all form submissions and user metadata.

🚀 Some Special Features of WPForms

  • Track user location based on IP address for targeted content or marketing.
  • Customize confirmation messages for users after submission.
  • Allow users to submit documents or images easily.
  • Get started quickly with over 500 customizable templates for various form types.
  • Standard fields: Include text fields, email fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, file uploads, and more.

👍 Best for: WPForms is a versatile plugin suitable for a wide range of users including those who want Geotargeting features for their online restaurant.

💰 Pricing: The basic plan costs $49 annually, while the elite plan costs $299 per year. If you want to enjoy more benefits, you can upgrade to an elite plan. 

3#  MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is a powerful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that simplifies the process of adding Google Analytics to your website. It provides analytics reports, such as Top Countries and referrals, allowing you to understand your audience and create tailored content. Additionally, it supports advanced tracking, such as eCommerce performance and form conversions, and offers features like link and button click tracking, custom dimensions, site notes, and top keywords.

🚀 Some Special Features of MonsterInsights

  • Pre-built dashboards: Provides insightful dashboards for quick overviews of website performance.
  • Customizable reports: Create custom reports tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Real-time tracking: View real-time visitor activity and track user behavior as it happens.
  • Dimensions and metrics: Analyze user behavior based on various dimensions like source, location, device, and more.
  • Connects easily to your Google Analytics account with just a few clicks.

👍 Best for: MonsterInsights is the best for Google Analytics Plugin. It’s suitable for small to large restaurants who want Google Analytics Tracking and custom Dimensions ( tracking, categories, tags, searches, custom post types, users, and other events.  

💰 Pricing: MonsterInsights offers both a free and premium version. The free version provides basic tracking and reporting features, while the premium version ($16/month)  unlocks advanced features like e-commerce tracking, form tracking, and custom dimensions and metrics. 

4 # WPCafe 


WPCafe is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides a range of features to help you manage your restaurant effectively. It is an all-in-one solution for managing your restaurant online. 

One of the most notable features of this plugin is geotargeting, which enables the display of selected items, discounts, and campaigns to users based on their location. This plugin is user-friendly, so even a beginner can use it. Additionally, development work can be simplified by using shortcodes. Overall, this plugin offers a comprehensive set of features for your restaurant.

🚀 In addition to geotargeting, WPCafe offers several other features such as: 

  • Multivendor support, which enables multiple vendors to sell their products on your website, 
  • Live order notifications, which notify you of new orders in real time, 
  • QR codes for food ordering, which allow customers to order food by scanning the QR code, 
  • Advanced search and filtering, which helps customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, Visual table reservations, which enables customers to reserve tables directly from your website, 
  • Google Maps food store location, which shows your restaurant’s location on Google Maps, 
  • Google Autocomplete address, which ensures that customers enter accurate address details, 
  • And setting a minimum order amount, which helps you increase your profits. This feature can help you engage with your customers and increase your sales. 

👍 Best for: This plugin is ideal for small to large restaurants that require a user-friendly, comprehensive restaurant management system.

💰 Pricing: Free Version: Offers basic restaurant management features. 
Premium Plans: Unlock advanced options at $69/ year with 1-year support and updates.

5 # GeoTargetingWP


GeoTargetingWP is a WordPress plugin that allows users to display content and products based on their location. It allows country-specific offers, restricts access to content, and can be used in WooCommerce. GeoTargetingWP also auto-detects user locations and sets geotargeting based on country, city, state, zip code, or radius.

🚀 Some Special Features of GeoTargetingWP

  • IP and GPS location tracking
  • Create custom shortcodes based on regions.
  • Separate up a country or cities into custom regions.
  • Redirecting geolocation
  • Content Blocks with Geolocation
  • Links that are location-sensitive
  • IP detection using Cloudflare and Sucuri
  • Uses AJAX to interact with caching plugins
  • Compatible with local databases such as WP Engine GeoIP, Kinsta GeoIP

👍 Best for: The plugin provides a convenient tool for affiliate marketers. 

💰 Pricing: The monthly cost of Geotargeting Pro is $49/month  (4,800,000 requests/year ). A 14-day free trial is available.

🛠️ Guide to Setting Up Location Based Menus on WordPress

Guide_to_Setting_Up_Location_Based Menus_on_WordPress

The best plugin for your restaurant depends on your specific goals and needs. “OptinMonster” is ideal for lead generation and targeted pop-ups, while “WPForms” offers geotargeting features. “MonsterInsights” is suitable for Google Analytics tracking and custom dimensions, while “WPCafe” is ideal for a user-friendly all-in-one restaurant management system. 

To use Geolocation Targeting on a WordPress website, you need the WooCommerce Plugin and another Geolocation Targeting Plugin. For full restaurant businesses, the WpCafe Plugin is the best option due to its comprehensive restaurant management system. Let me use it as an example to explain how it works.

📌 Need help to Install WpCafe Plugin in WordPress? | Read more

After installing the WooCommerce and WpCafe plugins, you can easily create location-based menus on WordPress using WPCafe.

➡️ Step 1- Allow Location 

Now set up a Food Location on your WP dashboard under Product > Food Location, and add a name, description, and image for each location. This lets users choose their location and see only the food available in that area.


To display location, you need to enable location from the WPCafe > Settings > Food Ordering > General Settings tab.


This will turn on a pop-up that will request users to choose their location before placing their order. This location will appear in the Checkout Page, Thank You Page and Email.


➡️ Step 2 – Allow Customer to Order Comfortably

WPCafe simplifies ordering by reducing canceled orders. It offers options for pickup, delivery, both, or none. Customers can choose pickup options during their order, while delivery options allow customers to choose between pickup and delivery. Both options allow customers to choose one option.

In order to set ‘Allow order for’, Go to WpCafe > Settings > Food Ordering > General Settings > Order Type (select from dropdown menu) > Save Changes.


Once you save the changes then your customer will get options on the cart page and checkout page. 


➡️ Step 3 – Order Preparation Days

Certain food items require special preparation and may take longer to prepare than usual. As a result, some items are only available on request, and it’s not possible to deliver all food items on a daily basis. To address this, you can set the order preparation days duration in WPCafe. 

Key- WpCafe > Settings > General Settings > Order preparation days > (add custom preparation time) > save changes.

For example, if you set the delivery time to 5 days, customers will not be able to select the initial 5 days when selecting the pickup or delivery date. Please note that the 5-day duration is just an example, and you can set any number of days instead.

💡 Expert Tips for Geo-Targeting in Food Menu 


Geolocation targeting in a restaurant food menu can be a powerful tool to enhance user experience and more sales. Here are some expert tips to effectively implement geolocation targeting in your restaurant’s food menu:

⚡Weather-Influenced Items: Adjust your menu based on the local climate. Offer refreshing items in warmer climates and heartier options in colder regions.

⚡Dynamic Pricing: Implement dynamic pricing based on location and demand. Adjust prices to match the local economic conditions.

⚡Seasonal Menu Changes: Regularly update your menu to reflect seasonal changes, taking into account local growing seasons and ingredient availability.

⚡Customizable Menus: Consider offering customizable menus that allow customers to choose ingredients or flavors popular in their specific location.

⚡Customer Feedback and Analytics: Collect data on customer preferences through feedback forms and analytics. Use this information to continuously refine your geolocation-targeted menu.

⚡Local Influencer Collaborations: Partner with local influencers or food bloggers to create buzz around location-specific dishes. Their recommendations can attract local food enthusiasts.

💬 Final Summary For Geo-Targeting Plugin 

In summary, integrating geolocation targeting into a WordPress website is a powerful strategy to enhance user experience, increase engagement, and drive conversions. Whether for retail, services, or restaurants, this technology enables personalized content delivery based on the user’s location. With WordPress’s user-friendly tools and plugins, businesses can easily implement geolocation targeting, fostering a stronger connection with the local audience and improving the chances of meaningful user actions. In a personalized-focused digital landscape, geolocation targeting in WordPress is a valuable asset for creating a dynamic and responsive online presence.

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📢 Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Do I need to be technically expert to use geolocation targeting plugins?
-Most plugins are user-friendly with intuitive interfaces. Some offer more advanced features for experienced users.

Q2: Can I use geolocation targeting to restrict access to my website content?
-Yes, some plugins like GeoTargetingWP, allow restricting specific sections or content based on visitor location.

Q3: Is geolocation targeting effective for all types of websites?
– Geolocation targeting is most useful for restaurants and cafes with diverse audiences across different locations or those targeting specific regions.

Q4: How can I measure the success of my geolocation targeting strategy?
-Track website analytics like engagement, conversions, and bounce rates to see how different locations respond to your targeted content.

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