Eventin 3.3.0 Available with Multivendor Event Marketplace Feature and Divi Integration (Beta)

 Eventin 3.3.0 Available with Multivendor Event Marketplace Feature and Divi Integration (Beta)

Your wait is finally over! Multivendor Event Marketplace and Divi integration LIVE in the Event plugin—the first of its kind! Eventin 3.3.0 is now available for you to test the event marketplace. Since Eventin started its journey, a lot of community members asked for a multivendor marketplace, and we listened to them.

Multivendor Event Marketplace

The Multivendor event marketplace is an on-premises marketplace platform for events. It allows individuals or vendors to manage sales functionality in their very own micro event services with all the necessary business features. 

𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞, local vendors/companies can publish their own events. Local companies or vendors can register, create an event, submit an event, and start earning commissions. The commission and membership level access will be handled by the Dokan multivendor or its supported third-party plugins.

Eventin brings a multivendor event marketplace feature. The most unique features — the first of its kind! For this solution, we integrated with Dokan multivendor at Eventin. It creates a win-win opportunity for both the event organizer and the marketplace owner by sharing profits and commissions.

Eventin Multivendor Marketplace Features

  • Individuals can create, edit, and update events.
  • Individuals can sell single and multi-tire event tickets.
  • An event store for managing individual events.
  • Share commission and profits between the event marketplace owner and vendors.
  • Event marketplace owners have complete control over the vendors/individuals.
  • Event marketplace owners can earn a commission from each ticket sale.
  • Event Marketplace Owners can build a community by allowing others to share events.

👉 Check out the documentation and the video to see how it works in live action.

Divi builder integration (Pro)

Eventin divi integration

Enjoy Eventin features and functionality with DIVI builders. Use Divi to create the perfect event management website. With Divi, you can get the following widgets in the editing panel:

Events ListEvents TabsSchedule List
Schedule TabsSpeaker ProfileAdvanced Search
Events with Calendar

👉 Check out the DIVI integration documentation for more details. You can also see the video to see how it works in live action.

What’s more, in Eventin’s roadmap?

ThemeWinter team is working on some more amazing features. Here’s the top list from our roadmap.

📌 PDF Certifications For Attendees

📌 BuddyBoss Community Plugin Integration

📌 Google Meet Integration

📌 Oxygen Builder Addon

📌 Event Front-end Submission For Registered Users

Try Eventin Now 👇

With this release, we are excited to see how you respond to the new changes. Download Eventin Free & Pro now and test it out. Once again, remember to backup your site. We are truly grateful to you all for supporting Eventin throughout our journey.

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