How to Add Discount Option in Food Menu on WordPress

 How to Add Discount Option in Food Menu on WordPress

It’s tough to attract and keep customers in the food service industry, especially with so much competition. “Add discount option in food menu” option isn’t just saving customers money, it’s a powerful tool for woocommerce restaurants to thrive!

Customers require more than just delicious dishes. Strategic discounts can be your secret weapon, enticing diners, boosting sales, and building brand loyalty. Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just starting, incorporating targeted discounts into your menu can boost sales, enhance customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase your business.

💬 Why Add Discount Option in Food Menu?

Reason_to_Add_Discount_Option_in_Food _Menu_in_your_WordPress-Restaurant

Discounts are not just temporary attractions; they are pivotal in attracting customers, retaining loyalty, and increasing overall sales. By understanding the benefits of offering discounts on a food menu, you can strategically advance your business in a competitive market.

🎁 Benefits of Offering Food Menu Discount

Offering food menu discounts can be a powerful strategy for restaurants, cafes, and food businesses of all sizes. It can attract new customers, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. Here are some of the key benefits of offering food menu discounts:

➕ Customer Acquisition and Retention:

  • Retaining: Making them feel valued and encouraging them to return.
  • Word-of-mouth magic: Happy customers sharing their discount experiences builds positive buzz and attracts new faces.

➕ Sales and Revenue Boost:

  • Inventory Clearance: Discounts help to sell unsold items, free up inventory space, and generate revenue.
  • Upselling potential: Highlight new or less popular dishes through targeted discounts, encouraging customers to explore and spend more.
  • Larger orders, less guilt: Percentage discounts encourage customers to add more items to their cart, increasing your average order value.
  • Budget-conscious appeal: Fixed-amount discounts attract price-sensitive customers, expanding your customer base.

➕ Strategic Advantages:

  • Competitive edge: Stand out with creative and targeted discounts, drawing customers away from your competitors.
  • Data-driven decisions: Track the impact of your discounts with analytics tools to refine your strategies and maximize ROI.
  • Menu flexibility: Use discounts to test new offerings, gauge customer preferences, and optimize your menu for success.
  • Brand perception: Well-planned discounts can enhance your image as a customer-centric and dynamic establishment.

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🏆 Best Discount Options for WordPress Restaurant Menu


There are many steps you can take to add discount option in food menu on a WordPress website. Among these, the most popular and easy way is the “WpCafe Plugin”. It’s a modern tool designed to simplify and improve the process of adding a discount section to menu design. This plugin is so easy to use that any restaurant can set up an add discount option in food menu on WordPress, with no coding required! 

Let’s explore the finest 5 Menu Discount plugins that have gained popularity among users, based on the number of active installations. (Install number collection date 16/01/2024).

  1. WPCafe (active install-7,000+)
  2. Stylish Price List (active install 4,000+)
  3. Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering (active install 4,000+)
  4. Food Menu (active install 3,000+)
  5. Food Store (active install 2,000+)

Let’s have a look at how the “WpCafe Plugin” works and what discount strategies it uses.

WpCafe is a faster and easier way to order food menus online and maintain reservations. You can maintain menu details by Elementor widget as well as using shortcode. It can be a complete solution for your restaurant. Whether it’s an online or offline restaurant/cafe, we’ll walk you step by step on how to add discount options to the food menu in WordPress with WPCafe.

🚀 Some Special Features of WpCafe Plugin: 

  • 33+ Food Menu Styles in WPCafe
  • Restaurant Table Reservations
  • Responsive Online Food Menu
  • Special Menu of The Day
  • Live Order Notification
  • Dynamic email notification
  • QR Code for Food Ordering
  • Multiple Discount Option

🛠️ Requirements to Install: 

👉 WordPress Version: 5.2+ 👉 Download: WPCafe Plugin 👉 PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
👉 PHP memory_limit = 512M 👉 max_execution_time = 600

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🧩 Install WPCafe Plugin on WordPress

You can Install and Activate WpCafe (Free) From WordPress Dashboard.

How_to_Install_WPCafe_Food Menu_Plugin_on_WordPress

🔗 Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard(if you’re already logged in then skip).

👉 On the left-hand side, navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”
👉 In the search bar, type “WPCafe” and press Enter.
👉 Look for the official “WPCafe Plugin” and press the “Install” button. 
👉 Then wait a little until installed then click on Activate.

💥 WpCafe Pro Version 

To create all types of discount systems you need to use “WpCafe Pro Edition” which is not provided in the free version. Let’s install and activate WpCafe (Pro) manually, log in to, view your purchase history, find the plugin details, and download the zip file and license key. If you have difficulty understanding, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click and purchase your “WpCafe Pro”. 


Step 2: Go purchase history to find your license key. 


Step 3:  Download the Zip File. 


🦾Now Install WPCafe Pro Plugin on WordPress

  • Go to your Dashboard, click on “Plugins”, and then choose “Add New Plugin”.
  • Then select  “Upload Plugin”.
  • Click on “Choose File”, pick the downloaded zip file ( you can use drag and drop ) then click “Install Now”, and wait for the installation to complete. Finally, click Activate Plugin.

⚡Do you need further assistance to install the WPCafe Pro Plugin on your WordPress website? Click here.

🧩 How to Add Discount in Food Menu using WpCafe


By properly installing the “WPCafe Plugin”, you can easily add “Percentage discount” or “Standard discount” to your food menu. Now, all that remains is to analyze your competitors and set the price.

⚙️ Settings Key: WPCafe > Settings > Food Ordering > Discount > Set discount > Save Changes 

From the WordPress dashboard, go to WPCafe > Settings > Food Ordering, Simply scroll down to find the “Discount menu”. Choose Percentage Discount, Standard Discount, or pick specific menus or categories to apply discounts. Set the minimum order total and flat discount amount and add a standard money-off message for your menu. 

1. Percentage discount

This discount method is perfect for enticing customers to spend more or try new dishes. It offers reductions based on a predetermined percentage of the item or order price. For example: Here I have put a 10% discount on the “Veggie Pizza” item.

Percentage_discount_features_in_wpcafe_for_wooCommerce _food_menu

Backend Dashboard View

Percentage_discount_on_restaurant _food_menu_in_wordpress

Web View Result

🔷You can also make category-wise discounts. For example: Here I have put a 10% discount on all “Pizza” categories.


Backend Dashboard View

how_Percentage _discount_works_in_restaurant_food_menu

Web View Result (1)

how_Percentage _discount_works_in_restaurant_food_menu

Web View Result (2)

2. Standard discount

These fixed-amount reductions work well for clearing slow-moving items or attracting budget-conscious customers. For example: Here I can pre-determine all items above 300 taka to get a discount of 50 taka. There is also a place for the standard discount message.

Note: The discount is automatically applied to the total price on the checkout page.

Standard_discount_features_in_wpcafe_for_wooCommerce _food_menu

Backend Dashboard View


Web View Result

3. Addon discount 

This is another magical feature. Through an addon, you can add a different product and you can apply a discount on that product as well. 


Backend Dashboard View

addon_discount_features_in_wpcafe_for_wooCommerce _food_menu

Web View Result
( Here I have an add cheese option and discount on that too.)

📢 Final Word (For Add Discount Option in Food Menu)

Don’t just read, let’s start! Install WpCafe today, explore its food menu of discount options, and watch your restaurant switch into a haven for happy deals and loyal customers. Using WpCafe and its user-friendly features, you can add amazing food menu magic without hiring a developer. You can attract new customers, retain existing clients, and increase revenue by strategically adding discounts. So, go ahead! spice up your menu, and grow your business with the proper use of discounts!

🎁 Bonus Tips 

🔥Pick the Right Discount: Choose from percentage, fixed-amount, and addon discount custom options.
🔥Target the Right Items: Apply discounts to individual dishes, categories, or your entire menu.
🔥Set the Rules: Define start and end dates, minimum order thresholds, and any other relevant conditions.
🔥Spread your Discount: Promote your discounts on your website, social media platforms, and in-store signage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1: Can I add add-on items without offering a discount?
-Absolutely! You can add items without providing any discount.

Q2: Is the WpCafe WordPress Plugin regularly updating its features?
-Yes! WpCafe consistently updates and introduces new features.

Q3: Why should I purchase WpCafe Pro?
-To unlock its full potential, including its user-friendly discount features, WpCafe Pro is essential.

Q4: Do I need to know coding to use WpCafe?
-Absolutely not! WpCafe is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows. No coding skills are required, so even tech novices can master it in no time.

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