Eventin X Timetics WP Integration: Visually Create Seat Map With Ease

 Eventin X Timetics WP Integration: Visually Create Seat Map With Ease

Hello, our lovely Eventin users! You know that we never overlook any of your feature ideas, especially if that has more than 100 upvotes on our roadmap!! 

Yes, we’re talking about the seat plan feature that you guys have been asking us for so long and now it’s finally here. We have integrated Timetics with Eventin and with it now you can save valuable time by letting your attendees choose seats by themselves.

Timetics WP: The Most Advanced WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin with a Seat plan


Timetics WP is one of the most advanced appointment booking WordPress plugins right now in the market. Although Timetics WP is packed with a lot of features, the most unique feature of Timetics WP is that it has a Visual Seating plan feature. 

With Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin, you can create meetings, manage your staff’s availability, create a seating plan, and receive payments. It is a full package for you if you run a business that requires appointments to be booked on a regular basis.

Eventin’s Integration with Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin


In Eventin’s roadmap, you guys have requested a visual seating plan feature for a long time and we told you that there will be a separate plugin for that. The feature idea has got over 100 upvotes!

And now, after releasing Timetics WP, we have immediately shifted our attention to you and integrated Timetics’ most unique feature, Visual Seating Plan, with Eventin. 

With the Visual Seating Plan feature, you can create a seating plan for your event hall/ convention hall/ cinema hall from the backend. Your attendees will be able to reserve their preferred seats from the front end and pay for the seats. 

You can also create different categories of seats e.g. regular, VIP, or VVIP, and create multiple tier pricing ladder for those seats. 

Benefits of Using The Visual Seat Map Feature

The visual seat map feature provides you with the kind of benefits that will help you to grow your business on a large scale with the least amount of effort. So, without further ado let’s look at how you can be benefitted from this new integration – 

Closes Down The Communication Gap with Attendees

By having a feature like this, you won’t face any difficulties in keeping track of the reservations or communicating with your customers. Since everything is automated, your event attendees can reserve seats at any time, from anywhere without manually communicating with you.

Makes It Easier For Customers to Reserve Seat

As it is said in the previous section, attendees can reserve seats in an easier fashion. They will have a clear view of the venue and it will be easier for them to decide which seat is best suited for them. 

Operational Steps Reduced

By having a seat reservation feature like this, you don’t have to manually look out for any unreserved seats or multiple reservations on a single seat ever again. Everything can be seen in an interactive way and you will get a birds-eye view of everything that is happening there.

No Need to Switch Between Different Plugins

You won’t be needing to hop between plugins and look at separate datasheets to check for any mistakes ever again. Everything can be seen from a single place and your stress will be relieved.

How to Create a Seat Plan in Eventin with Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin

In order to use the Visual seat map feature, first, you have to Download and install Timetics WP and Timetics WP Pro. Then from the WordPress dashboard, go to Eventin→Add-ons→Module and turn on the toggle for Seat Map

The next part is very simple. Whenever you go and try to create a new event or if you go to the Event editor page, you will see a new section named Visual Seat Map in the event settings

Click on the Visual Seat Map section and you’ll see a Go to Canvas button. Click on that button and you’ll be redirected to the Seat Map page.

Read the Visual Seat Map documentation for a step-by-step guide on the feature and you’ll be good to go.


To sum up everything, by using the Timetics WP Integration with Eventin, you can reduce your event management hassles by a mile and reach new heights in your event management game!