ThemeWinter Year in Review: A Year Full of Success and Memories [2023] 🚀

 ThemeWinter Year in Review: A Year Full of Success and Memories [2023] 🚀

How was the Year 2023?

It was a humble beginning for ThemeWinter, but we made history! 🙌

With baby steps after baby steps, ThemeWinter has made its way into one of the most influential makers in the WordPress, SaaS, and IT industry.

But it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Trials and errors, lots of backlogs, and challenges came in the way, but we held on to our yearly goals and reached the end. Teamwork was the key, and the sheer trust and display of skillset is what made us pull off so many product lines.

The year 2023 was a hectic yet fruitful journey for ThemeWinter as well as its entire team from across the globe.

But it was packed with fun, meetups, refreshments, and mountain views to relive every moment, and we enjoyed every bit of it.

In short, 2023 was a year we’ll remember in our pages forever, for it opened doors to infinite possibilities.

So, before diving into the uncertain 2024, let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on all the success ThemeWinter achieved in 2023.

ThemeWinter 2023: A year on a whim ⚡

ThemeWinter is a household name in the world of the WordPress industry. Specializing in WordPress plugins & themes, ThemeWinter has gained a name worldwide with its stunning features and delightful customer support. 

ThemeWinter was founded in 2013, starting a humble journey with WordPress themes for events, news agencies, food restaurants and so much more. With time, WordPress themes have been used and admired by WordPress site owners across the globe. 

themewinter logo

Soon after 5 years, ThemeWinter, under the name of TrippleS owned by Arraytics, became a Power Elite Author on Envato / ThemeForest in 2018. Having realized the world is full enough with WordPress themes and it’s time to do something new, ThemeWinter waged on building WordPress plugins that will go off the ground.

✋ And That’s how Eventin, WPCafe came around. 🙌

Soon after launching WordPress plugins to make business easy for people around the world with user-friendly WordPress tools, ThemeWinter won the WP Weekly Silver Award for Eventin in 2023, and got a lot of admiration from WPCafe for reaching 7K active installations so far. 

But that’s just the gist of what we achieved; let’s take you to more of this journey as we make a page in history throughout 2024.

Let’s open the book!

Becoming Power Elite Author: The Highest Honor for TrippleS 🎨

After 5 years of solid hard work, the very goal ThemeWinter started its journey for, got paid off!

ThemeWinter, under the name TrippleS, became a Power Elite Author on ThemeForest owned by Envato. As a Hall of Famer, the 5-years of serving conversion-packed WordPress themes across the globe felt like the end of the rainbow.

TrippleS (ThemeWinter) becoming power elite author on Envato

Thanks to our Themes Developers, Designers, and Support Engineers who kept all our beautiful and easy-to-use WordPress themes up and live 24/7 and generated over $1 million in Sales.

So, here’s a toast from ThemeWinter to each and everyone who has been a part of the journey, for their endless dedication.

Eventin Epilogue: Reached 10K+ Active Installations 🚀 

ThemeWinter took off to the moon this year with the first achievement from Eventin, placing trust in the global WordPress industry. Eventin, a WordPress event management plugin has reached its first 10,000 Active Installations, leading WordPress businesses across the world to run successful events

Eventin by ThemeWinter

This milestone represents our huge success this year as the first step toward marathon victory. Because–

Eventin, the fastest-growing WordPress event plugin, has managed over 30,000 successful events produced by over 9,000 WordPress businesses across the world.

✋ Yes, Eventin now empowers over 30,000 events worldwide & growing. 🙌

eventin reaching 10,000 active installations on WordPress

But just like we said, it wasn’t easy. ThemeWinter needed strong & talented hands to join in and take Eventin to the next level with sheer teamwork. All the departments including Development, Design, Marketing, and Support Engineers have moved heaven & earth and put endless dedication to make sure the users launch their WP events without a single itch. 

But is it all? Never.

Eventin is designed to make things easy for business owners and their events, and we need to keep growing to spread the easiest user experience across the WordPress industry. So our target is pretty much simple.

✋ Next Target: Eventin with 50k+ Active Installations in 2024! 🤝

WP Weekly Silver Award 2023 🏆

Determination is the baby steps, and success is the end of the road.

Eventin continued to receive another crown as we received lots of feedback from founders, developers, and marketers in the WordPress industry.

Eventin winning WP Weekly Silver Award 2023

The WP Weekly Silver Award is another WordPress award ceremony held once a year, where the participants, community members, and subscribers to the newsletter join a voting session via newsletter.

The voting session is to vote for the best WordPress tools for the community members and the winner gets selected by the highest number of voting cast for up to 22 categories such as WooCommerce tools, developer tools, security plugins, SEO plugins, Elementor addons, etc. It awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze to the winner, runner-up, and second runner-up.

✋ And Eventin got the WP Weekly Silver Award in 2023 🏆

Through user experience, a stunning support system, and flawless product updates, Eventin achieved its second product award in the streak. As an award-winning plugin, Eventin has earned its place amongst the most popular plugins around the world, serving over 30,000+ events right now. 

Eventin: Hottest Features You’ll Experience in 2024 💣

Eventin hottest features in 2024

Not just reaching 10,000+ active installations was our goal for 2023.

We were preparing for big events next year, and the time had already knocked on the door.

Eventin has been collaborating with users and prospects across the globe by sharing their roadmap and collaborating with the features that the market demands the most.

In the year 2024, we’re coming with loads of magnifying features that will literally change the way we manage events and get extensive user experience. The best electrifying features we have already in plan for Eventin are:

🎨 Multiple Email notifications for a single event
🎨  Sell extra Services/Swags/Meals on Event [Product Addon]
🎨  Different Deadline for Different Tickets Registration
🎨  Limits on Event Ticket Purchase [Per User]
🎨  Customizable Ticket Templates for Event Attendees.

These are the features we’re cooking right now, but here’s the list of new features we’ve done cooking already:

✅ RSVP for Event Registration
✅ Synchronize Events to Facebook Events
✅ PDF Certificates for Event Attendees
✅ Adding Event Attendees manually by Admin
✅ Export/Import Speakers and Events CPT XML/CSV File
✅ Multivendor Event Marketplace
✅ Unique Code for Event Attendees
✅ LMS integration with TutorLMS
✅ Oxygen and Bricks Builder Addon
✅ Multiple Ticket Pricing for Single Events

And so much more…!

📌 Coming Soon: Eventin 4.0

Upcoming features on Eventin 4.0

It’s not just about making more features; it’s about changing the way the features work.

✋ This year in 2024, Eventin is coming with version 4.0 🙌

Eventin 4.0 is coming soon to you with 5 big changes. Let’s see what they are:

# A New Insightful Landing Page 🌐
We’re revamping our old Landing Page into a new one. For many months we’ve observed the on-site journey of our visitors and our users and analyzed a UI strategy to make sure this time will be a 100% perfect and user-friendly platform for all WordPress users.

# Power-packed OpenAI Integration 🔗
Eventin is going to integrate with OpenAI for an extra easy-to-use experience for all users. From Chatbot to automatically create an event, OpenAI integrations will help you do what you do best, just 10x faster.

# Customizable Ticket Template 🎫
Tickets are the life-support of an event, especially when the ticket templates matter a lot to the event organizers. So this time, you will be able to add more details to participants, use an extra field for attendee registration build emails with HTML, and put shortcodes for attendee details. This is exciting because this will save a lot of time usually wasted on creating an event and sending ticket templates to your attendees.

# Powerful UI/UX 💻
Not just the landing page, but Eventin from ThemeWinter is revamping its whole UI / UX with a much more data-driven approach and highly effective design principles. This massive change to Eventin will help its users to have a whole new experience creating & running WordPress events in no time.

# iOS+ Android Mobile App 📱
No more wandering on your desktop, because Eventin 4.0 is coming with a mobile App!

For Eventin users around the world, iOS and Android versions of the Eventin app would be very helpful to get in touch with all the upcoming events, creating and organizing them on a jiffy and organizing and selling tickets at your fingertips. 

TrippleS: Making WordPress Themes that make a difference


ThemeWinter has taken pride in making stunning WordPress themes since the beginning, catching admiration and huge sales worldwide.

ThemeWinter has 14 actionable WordPress themes stunning the global market on ThemeForest. Let’s take a look:

💻 Event place:
Multivendor Event WordPress theme powered by Eventin.
🍔 Cuinare:
WordPress Restaurant Management theme offered by WPCafe.
🏪 Bascart:
WooCommerce-based WordPress themes for store management.
📰 Qoxag:
A news-based WordPress theme for News Magazines and News Blogs.
📚 Course Log:
An Education-based theme is a perfect fit for WooCommerce and LMS-supported sites.
A WordPress theme dedicated to Law attorneys and lawyers and law firms.
📚 Turitor:
An education-based WordPress theme with a different style layout, also supporting TutorLMS and LearnDash.
🧬 Instive:
An Insurance-based WordPress theme for insurance companies, with Timetics WP integration for appointments and meetings.
📰 Digiqole:
A WordPress theme for News Magazines and News Blogs, but with a different style.
🛠 Autrics:
Car repair shop-based WordPress theme for automobile stores.
📣 Exhibz:
An event management WordPress theme for event organizers.
🎧 Newseqo:
An event-based WordPress theme for event organizers for expos, events, meetups, etc.
🍕 Cafesio:
A restaurant-based WordPress theme for food restaurant owners.
🙌 BizXpo:
An Event WordPress theme to organize and boost your events online.

Throughout the year, ThemeWinter has updated, supported, and launched themes and support for its users. This year, ThemeWinter has launched “EventPlace”, which is a Multivendor Event Marketplace for WordPress vendors, designed and perfect fit by Eventin. 

WPCafe: Starting to Go Beyond 🚀

WPCafe, another WordPress Restaurant plugin tool by ThemeWinter has reached up to 7,000 with over 145,236 downloads in total.

WPCafe logo

Even though that sounds a bit ‘lagging behind’, WPCafe is slowly turning the tables with its world-class food management features that stun any WordPress user that comes across it.

WPCafe 10k active installations on WordPress

WordPress enthusiasts, influencers, founders, and users across the globe have admired WPCafe as a great plugin to use for restaurants. Darel Wilson, one of the top-ranked WordPress influencers has shared his reviews on WPCafe. Here it is: 

Over the year, WPCafe has served 7k restaurants with 33+ Food Menu styles, 14+ Elementor widgets, Restaurant Table Reservations, QR codes, Live orders, pickup, and many great features that a food business owner needs to grow their business fast.

The Brains Behind ThemeWinter: A Super Teamwork 🎭

Now let’s get into something we can’t overlook appreciating.

Let’s take a moment to look back and appreciate the honest & hard work done by the teammates of ThemeWinter, all around the world. All the Devs, Support Engineers, Marketers, and Designers have done an incredible job of making all this happen.

Shout out to Our Developer Team on ThemeWinter 2023

2023 was a whirlwind for developers, as they had nightmares of projects to complete and launch as soon as possible. The deadlines were short, the learning curves were big and the pressure was huge.

The Devs went above & beyond to ensure there were no backlogs in any sprints, not just tweaks and repairs. Using Agile Scrum methodologies, the developers kept toe to toe with every small task on every sprint, making sure nothing got backlogged.

developers' achievement at ThemeWinter

Our developers have worked hard to merge 699 pull requests, commit 5,407 changes, and release 95+ plugins in total for our popular plugins like Eventin, and WPCafe, carefully improved to manage your events, ticket registration, and restaurant business with ease.

So, a big shout out to developers for working on our plugins and making it all possible with a data-driven, effective approach.

Cheers to Our Support Engineers 🙌

Our Support Engineers have been the gem of our teamwork. Without them, ThemeWinter wouldn’t be here where it is today.

Throughout the year, our support was open 24/7, making sure all the tickets & queries were answered, so that customers or prospects wouldn’t have to wait a single minute and get frustrated.

Support Team achievements on ThemeWinter 2024

The tickets over the year came full of issues, bugs, troubleshooting, guidance, complaints, bad reviews, and many more. Yet, our support engineers took them all and managed everything in calm hands.

In total, Our support team replied to 10,667 tickets, resolved 3,974 tickets on the first reply, gave 6,034 unique customer support, and worked on CodeCanyon to cover over 498 comments onboard. 

Even so, the support team continued to work with Marketing and Developers to communicate the market demand, talk about the features the consumers want the most, and share ideas on how we can improve the product tenfold. 

Hands Down to the Theme Developers 🙏

The theme developers in ThemeWinter are old and ancient, as they are lifesavers.

Theme Team achievement in 2023

They have been here since the beginning of ThemeWinter and continue to serve the global WordPress community with actionable and super-intuitive WordPress themes that can make a difference. 

This year, the Theme Developers have launched “EventPlace”. It’s a WordPress theme designed to build a multivendor event marketplace on your WordPress website. Aside from that, ThemeWinter has updated over 11 WordPress themes to give a new look this year and supported users 24/7.

The hard work didn’t pay off. 

High Five to the Design Team 🎨

With their creativity, boldness, and stunning skills, this team of graphics and UI designers has shaped the brand identity of ThemeWinter and taken it to the global market with impactful visuals.

Design Team Achievement in 2023

This team of graphics and UI designers has delivered 24+ UI design projects, created 8+ campaigns yearly (with landing pages, email templates, social posts, etc.), and designed swags & logistics for 6+ campaigns annually.

Our in-house Creative Design Team has proven its value with stunning imagery and teamwork. They use every digital channel and logistics we have to present ourselves and launch & promote our products with high conversion rates.

Hats off to the Content Marketing Team 📊

Finally, a shout-out to our ink warriors: Our Content Marketing Team.

The masterminds at Arraytics did the impossible to back and boost our products to the world market and market them extensively.

Content Team achievement at ThemeWinter

Despite the extreme pressure, the team delivered 40+ blogs, and 10+ collab guest blogs, generated 30,000 organic impressions, and attracted 10,000 visitors monthly.

Now, The Content Marketing team is ready for the next stage in 2024: elevating the branding, marketing communications on all digital platforms, and inbound & outbound marketing tactics.

Reliving the Success: What’s Next for ThemeWinter in 2024? 🍷

There’s more to come in 2024, for more thrilling innovations.

New products, new features, and a lasting dedication to boosting your online businesses and events.

If you still don’t believe it, More Themes, More Launches, and of course, Eventin 4 is on the way (just a reminder)!

And by the way, we’d like to thank our readers, clients, and the whole WordPress community from our hearts. Your support inspires our passion, and together, we’ll keep innovating in the dynamic world of WordPress, SaaS, and many other industries.

✋ So Dear 2024, here we come! 🙌

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