Celebrating 5,000+ Active Installation of WP Eventin: Ultimate Event Management Plugin

 Celebrating 5,000+ Active Installation of WP Eventin: Ultimate Event Management Plugin

Just a few months back we were celebrating 4,000+ active installations and today we are happy to announce 5,000+ installations for WP Eventin! We are thrilled to achieve yet another milestone with WP Eventin. This is the result of our team’s continuous hard work and our beloved customer’s never-ending support.

Let’s celebrate this success by looking into how far WP Eventin has come and what you can expect in the future.

Award Winning Event Management Solution

WP Eventin has been awarded runner’s up for the Best WP Booking & Appointment Plugin by Monster’s Award 2021. There were 13,000+ users who voted to make this happen. Out of a pool of 14 prestigious plugins, WP Eventin won 2nd place. Another great milestone for WP Eventin that shows it’s potential of being a top-class WordPress event management plugin.

WP Eventin Features at a Glance

WP Eventin has recently been updated to WP Eventin 3.0 which has brought plenty of exciting features. From creating birthday parties to organizing recurring events, WP Eventin lets you handle them all with ease! It is particularly useful for customers organizing weekly training sessions, monthly conferences or annual general meetings to name a few.

Here is a brief list of features that you might find useful. A detailed list of features can be found on our site.

  • Single or Multi-event
  • Recurring Event
  • Zoom Event
  • Multiple/Variable Ticket System
  • Event-wise Ticket Purchase Report
  • Event Attendee Management
  • Event Schedule
  • Shortcode & Elementor Widgets

What’s Next

You will find a list of new integrations, features and other plans we have regarding WP Eventin on WP Eventin roadmap. Our purpose is to simplify the process of creating and managing online events with every release of WP Eventin. Some exciting new features to make that happen are already being worked on and will soon be released.

1. Event Calendar Module – Weekly Events List

Coming up next, this feature will let you add an event calendar and show your weekly events list. This feature will make it easier for guests to see which events are available on a selected week. Guests can plan their weekly events easily with this feature.

2. PDF Certification for Attendees

Workshops and training sessions are common events that sometimes require certifications. WP Eventin will help you give PDF certifications for attendees with event details. One more extra step will be taken care of by WP Eventin when this feature will be released.

3. Unique QR Code for Attendees

QR code solves the issue of checking attendee tickets at events. Simply let guests scan their QR codes to verify their tickets. This reduces the hassle of manually checking each attendee’s ticket at the gate. This is another feature that our team is working on for WP Eventin.

Share Your Ideas with Us

A lot of the feedback we received throughout the years has helped us plan new designs and features to improve WP Eventin. We are always thankful to our customers to takes the time to review and give feedback for our products. If you have any wonderful ideas that will help WP Eventin then feel free to mention to share it with us.

Be a Part of Our Journey

We could not come this far without the love and support of our dear customers. This is just the beginning of WP Eventin’s journey. Join us to be a part of this journey by getting WP Eventin. You can even be a part of Themewinter Community to get exclusive news, updates and deals.

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