WP Eventin 3.0.0 Is Available for You to Experience

 WP Eventin 3.0.0 Is Available for You to Experience

Your wait is finally over! WP Eventin 3.0.0 is now available for you to use on your website. Since we began our journey with WP Eventin, we received overwhelming support and love from all over the WordPress community. Now it is time to announce another milestone in our journey with WP Eventin 3.0.0 release.

⚠️ NOTE: We recommend that you backup your live site before making this major update. This is always a good practice in case you want to revert to your original settings.

WP Eventin 3.0.0 Changelog

Lets go through the changelog to get a summary of all the exciting changes made to this plugin.

= Free 3.0.0 =

  • New : Multiple / Variable ticketing system for event
  • Tweak : More hooks added for overriding settings options
  • Tweak : More hooks added before and after add-to-cart form widget
  • Tweak : Cart validation message update
  • Tweak : Start-time and end-time validation optimized for better use case
  • Fix : Password protected event should not show issue fix
  • Fix : Event calendar translation fix
  • Fix : Related events showing past events
  • Fix : Recurring event category and tags are not copied from parent
  • Fix : WPML compatibility fix
  • Fix : Zoom shortcode not found issue fixed

= Pro 3.0.0 =

  • New : Multiple / Variable ticketing system for event
  • Tweak : New settings added to show/hide print /download button on thank-you
  • Tweak : Recurring event Elementor widget template modify
  • Tweak : Settings added to enable / disable Print and Download option on Thank-you page
  • Fix : Recurring event Elementor widget not loading issue fix
  • Fix : Related events showing past events
  • Fix : WPML compatibility fix
  • Fix : Shortcode generator label and details typo issue fix
  • Fix : Event sales report – total sold quantity issue fix

New Feature: Multiple/Variable Ticketing System

Multiple/Variable ticketing system was one of the most requested feature and now it is available for use. Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets. You can also set maximum and minimum ticket purchase quantity for every transaction.

multiple ticketing system with WP Eventin

Tons of Tweaks and Fixes

Plenty of tweaks and fixes have been done to improve user experience. Overall usability of the plugin has been improved to make is easier for admins as well as customers. We considered the feedbacks that you all have submitted to ensure a smooth experience for our users. If you have more feedbacks regarding this, you are welcome to share them with us.

Try It Now

With this release, we are excited to see how you respond to the new changes. Download WP Eventin Free & Pro now and test it out. Once again, remember to backup your site. We are truly grateful to you all for supporting WP Eventin throughout our journey.

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