WPCafe Updated to v1.5.9: New Features, known Bug Fixes and Improved UX

 WPCafe Updated to v1.5.9: New Features, known Bug Fixes and Improved UX

Hello and good day to WPCafe users. We just released a new update of your favorite plugin WPCafe. Can’t wait to share the full list with you. So, without further ado, let’s drive in the changelog.

WPCafe v1.5.9 Free Update

Added: Branch tag added from the email notification
Tweak: Food menu layout CSS optimization
Tweak: PHP script optimization
Integration: Loyalty program for food ordering
Integration: Thermal printer for food ordering

WPCafe v1.5.9 Pro Update

Added: Text option added in food menu addons
Added: Repeat sound notification for a missing order
Tweak: UX updated for Food ordering
Tweak: Settings option Improve
Tweak: PHP script optimization
Fix: Seat capacity minimum guest fix for food with reservation
Fix: Multi-slot everyday schedule start from current time in the reservation
Fix: Multi-slot exception schedule

Loyalty Program For Food Ordering Integration

Loyalty program integrated with WPCafe. We used the ‘Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin’ for the integration. Now you can offer your customers rewards and points to redeem special offers and discounts. Create a loyal customer base to increase sales, improve customer retention and customer satisfaction to provide a fantastic online ordering experience. Check loyalty program documentation here

Thermal Printer For Food Ordering Integration

We have received a huge request for Thermal Printer integration and we did it! We have integrated a Thermal Printer for Food Ordering to manage your sales receipts. You can use Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce or Print Manager for WooCommerce with WPCafe. Since these work perfectly with WPCafe, we are expecting others will too. We are always open to new suggestions and our team is prepared to assist you in setting up a thermal printer if you face any compatibility issues. Thermal printer integration documentation here.

Text Field Option Added In Product Addons

We have added the ‘Text field’ option in Product Addons which will allow users to add extra notes during their order placement. Apart from this, we also updated the product addons frontend for a better user experience.

Dynamic Sound Option

Beep-type sound notification is available for WPCafe. It’s a dynamic sound notification and you are free to change the sounds. You can record your own sound and set it as the order notification.

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Repeating Notification For Missing Order

A Repeating Notification’ will keep reminding you until you close the order notifications pop-up. In this way, you will have no chance to lose any order. Specially if there is an urgent order, the feature will help you a lot. You can set the repetition waiting time from the admin panel.

Download New WPCafe Today!

Apart from the new features and fixes, we also optimize the code, UI/UX for a better experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download the new WPCafe today and enjoy.

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