WP Eventin Update: FluentCRM Integration and Multiple Fixes

 WP Eventin Update: FluentCRM Integration and Multiple Fixes

Hello event leaders, How are you? We are excited to share our WP Eventin update with you. This time we are letting you know that CRM integration, the new admin dashboard and the zoom webinar are live now. Moreover, we added a number of known fixes and tweaks. Let’s dig the update.

⚠️ NOTE: We recommend that you backup your live site before making this major update. This is always a good practice in case you want to revert to your original settings.

WP Eventin Free 3.1.0 Changelog

Note- The following changelog included WP Eventin free 3.1.0, 3.0.5 and 3.0.6!

  • New: Zoom webinar module
  • New: New admin dashboard UI for CPT’s
  • Fix: Text domain
  • Fix: Escaping issue
  • Fix: Settings typo issue
  • Fix: Admin design issue
  • Fix: Calendar module bug
  • Fix: Shortcode parameter issue
  • Fix: Escaping & sanitization issue
  • Fix: Event registration deadline issue
  • Fix: Quantity picker fix for recurring event
  • Fix: Event registration deadline getting expired issue
  • Fix: Settings saved date-format not showing for the first item
  • Tweak: Zoom meeting module
  • Tweak: Week start day for calendar module is synchronizing from WP site settings

WP Eventin Pro 3.1.0 Changelog

This latest WP Eventin release brings you FluentCRM integration with a number of tweaks and fixes. Let’s go ahead and find out the details of this update.

Note- The following changelog included WP Eventin pro 3.1.0, 3.0.5 and 3.0.6!

  • New: FluentCRM integration
  • Fix: Text domain fix
  • Fix: Text domain issue
  • Fix: Event banner issue fix
  • Fix: Sanitization and escaping fix
  • Fix: Event registration deadline bug
  • Fix: Event tab widget order by start/end date
  • Tweak: Code refactor and performance optimization

FluentCRM Integration in WP Eventin


If you’re using a customer relationship management tool, you know it’s great to interact and manage relationships with your active and future customers. One of the most popular and complete CRM solutions you can find in WordPress is the FluentCRM plugin.

WP Eventin is now compatible with FluentCRM, a customer relationship management plugin. Get the leads including email addresses, names, phone numbers etc in the FluentCRM. Then utilize them as like as you want.

Zoom Webinar Module


Based on huge customer demand, we re-build the full Zoom meeting module in WP Eventin. Also, we added a zoom webinar module where you can use webinar options. Moving forward, we added a synchronization option in the WP Eventin. From now, you will need to log in to the zoom for updated meeting/webinar information. You can get the synchronization from the WP Eventin dashboard.

New UI for Speaker, Schedule and Event Editing Panel


In this update, we added a whole new re-design of the event admin dashboard. Please be aware that, we are talking about the event editing panel, not the main admin panel. You can get an event editing panel at eventin -> events -> edit.

Update for Better Experience

We added fixes as many as we know. Added multiple tweaks in the latest version. In order to get a better experience, update your WP Eentin now. You are always appreciated to share your feedback and issues with us.

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