Eventin Year in Review 2022: A Year of Growth and Improvement of Your Events Experience

 Eventin Year in Review 2022: A Year of Growth and Improvement of Your Events Experience

What a bumper year for Eventin! The ThemeWinter team added 39+ new releases. A lot of flagship features, all known bug fixes and tweaks, regular optimization, and whatnot! 2022 was the year of establishing Eventin.

Our work gets paid off by seeing your love and support for the plugin. We have won the prestigious WPWeekly awards. Our users grow to more than 8,000 on the free version. All the updates have been given through email and social media channels. However, as the year ends, we would like to share a holistic review of the plugin. And we will focus on the features that have been released to support your business. Let’s get started.

PDF Certificate Builder For Event

Eventin premium certificate builder

The PDF certificate builder for events was one of the most-demanded features. This year, we released the features at Eventin. With these features, the event owners can issue certificates to the event attendees. They can design the certificate and send it to the attendee with a few clicks. 

The feature helps not only organizers but also the course and online education provider. Eventin, as you may be aware, Eventin can be used as an alternative to WordPress LMS. And with this, teachers can take the course and provide a certificate.

Multivendor Event Marketplace with Dokan

Eventin Multivendor Event Marketplace with Dokan

Multivendor event marketplace, another big feature, was released at Eventin in the year. It is the first of its kind among the other event management plugins for WordPress. An on-site marketplace platform for events is the Multivendor Event Marketplace. It allows individuals or sellers to handle sales functionality in their very own microservices with all the essential business features.

With Dokan multivendor integration, Eventin adds this feature. It creates a win-win possibility for both the event organizer and the marketplace owner. They get it by sharing earnings and commissions.

Unique and Segmented QR Code for Attendees

Eventin Unique and Segmented QR Code for Attendees

We have added a unique QR code to the event ticket. It will make the check-in process easier than ever. The QR code can be single or segmented. Depending on the admin’s needs, they can set it. Moreover, the admin can change the ticket scanning status between “used” and “unused” from the admin panel.

Frontend Event Submission

Eventin Frontend Event Submission

Let’s collaborate with friends and family in a more conventional way. Eventin brings a front-end event submission option. It allows users to create and provide access to other users.

Every registered member can publish new events and update and delete themes too. They can manage the ticket sales and check-in processes. The best part of the feature is ticket scanning. Due to its own scanning option, no extra mobile app is required to scan the tickets.

BuddyBoss Integration

Eventin BuddyBoss Integration

This year, we have added BuddyBoss native integration. So the community-based website can use Eventin to extend the features and functionality of their community. The community members can create community events, edit them, and delete them. They can assign the events to a specific community. In total, they can have a smoother experience managing events in the social community.

FluentCRM Integration

Eventin FluentCRM Integration

Never loses a new participant due to managing relationships. FluentCRM is integrated with Eventin. You can collect the leads, provide updates, and do future marketing too. FluentCRM is one of the most popular CRMs for WordPress. And you can use the plugin to boost your sales.

  • We also have the groundhagg integration. So, if you are a groundhagg user, you should not worry.

Variable Ticketing Systems for Events

Eventin Variable Ticketing Systems for Event

Offer different ticket prices for different levels of users. You can add VIP, regular, early bird, student, and any other tire. Every tire can have its own ticket price. You can also set the minimum and maximum ticket purchase quantities.

Event Webhook and Script

Eventin Webhook and Script

Embed the events on the external website without any technical work. Eventin released a webhook and script this year. So, you can use either a Webhook or script to display events on the third-party website.

Event Calendar View

Eventin Event Calendar View

The event calendar got a massive update this year. We have added multiple new styles for daily view, weekly view, and monthly view. As a result, you can now present events to your users in more visually appealing ways.

WPML Compatibility

Thinking about local events? No worry! Eventin is now WPML-compatible. So, you can translate events into your local language. The local community events in the local language are always highly engaging. We developed Eventin in translation-friendly ways. It also supports right-to-left language. So, you can translate your events into your favorite local language. 

Advanced Recurring Events

Eventin Advanced Recurring Events

Recurring events are updated again this year. We have provided users with an advanced monthly recurring option. The full recurring features are now more flexible for Eventin users.

Apply WooCommerce Coupon on Events

Eventin WooCommerce Coupon Code

Allow your customers to save extra with coupon codes. Eventin added “WooCommerce coupon” plugin integration this year. It allows you to create and manage coupons for events.

Location Taxonomy with Google Map Integration

Eventin google map integration

Let’s make the event venue easily accessible to the participants. We have added Google Maps integration. It allows you to display the events on the map. We have also added the location taxonomy to the admin panel. You can access and use it from your panel.

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Eventin Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

If you want to avoid WooCommerce while managing the event, you can use Stripe. We added Stripe payment gateways, allowing users to pay with Stripe. The features are similar. Just you need to enable Stripe payment getaways into your events.

Add Manual Attendee from Admin

Eventin manual attendee at event

Now the admin can add the attendee manually to the events. This feature is handy, especially for those who want exceptional attendees to be added to any event. He or she will receive the email update and ticket as a regular attendee.

Eventin Divi Addons

Eventin and Divi integration blog

This year, we released a completely new addon for DIVI users. DIVI, the most popular WYSIWYG builder is now supported on Eventin. Design with Divi to create the perfect Event Management and Ticket Selling Website. Enjoy Eventin features and functionality with DIVI modules. Design with Divi to create the perfect event management website.

Other notable features that we have added for the year 2022:

  • Add event to personal calendar: Event participants can add the events on their personal calendars like google calendar, ical, or yahoo calendar. 
  • Archive event sorting option: You can sort the archive events based on the date of the event.
  • Attendee extra field: You can now add a checkbox-type extra input field in the attendee registration form.
  • Attendee registration form redesigned: We have updated the attendee form with a more trendy and better user interface.
  • Attendee ticket template added: New ticket style added this year at Eventin.
  • Autoplay option in event slider pro: If you use event slider pro on the archive page, you can add an autoplay event slider.

  • Bricks builder compatibility added: You can build your event website with the popular brick builder that ranks on search engines.
  • Bulk delete option: We have added a bulk delete option to the front-end event dashboard. Now, you can delete multiple events with a single click.
  • Child events options: You can now add child events with shortcodes and Elementor widgets.
  • Default time zone adjusted: We have updated the time zone issue. Now you can use the local time zone for your next event. 
  • Event feature image hide option: We added a feature image hide option for password-protected events. With the password, you can choose whether to show or hide the feature image.
  • Excerpt option added in event: A new excerpt option was added that you can use to hide information from search engines.
  • Get help page re-designed: Help page design updated and made more trendy.

  • Hex color code input option in events: You can change the event design color with hex code. So, matching the theme color is no longer a technical issue.
  • Independent speaker block in the single event: You can show the speaker as an independent block on the event website.
  • New admin dashboard: The UI for CPTs and settings got a massive update this year. That makes the whole process easier than ever.
  • Setup wizard for new users: We have added a beautiful new onboarding experience for new users. It will assist new users in properly configuring Eventin for their upcoming events.
  • One-click attendee ticket status update: Admins can now update the attendee ticket extra field for the attendee.
  • Advanced event search: Your users can now search the event by location. You can set this option with both the shortcode and Elemetor widgets.
  • Zapier & Pabbly: We have added the sms and email notification getaway Zapier, and Pabbly integration. They are also compatible with Evenetin.
  • Zoom webinar module: We have added the zoom webinar module and synchronized zoom settings. Users don’t require to log in to their zoom again and again. They can just connect to Zoom and maintain everything from the Eventin dashboard.

What’s Coming at Eventin in 2023

It’s the first week of 2023, and we’re putting together the event year in review for you. But you will be surprised to know that the ThemeWinter team is working to release a new update on your favorite event plugin. Web accessibility and event schema results are under last-minute testing at this moment. We have something more on the table. Let’s take a look at them.

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Testing

We are testing it and the developer reported already. We are getting more than 95% accessible according to the google chrome browser report. We will release it soon.

Event Schema for Google Rich Results

Google rich result schema is waiting for release. Development is done and the last-moment QA going on. Your event will be more accessible to the search engine with this feature.


The team is doing deeper R&D for RSVP. Following that, it will be included in the sprint to get development.

Google Meet Integration

Google Meet integration is under our rudder. We have already added Zoom meetings and webinars and are now working on Google Meet. With the integration, you can use this popular meeting platform for your future events.

Customizable Ticket Template

This year, we plan to add a customizable ticket template for attendees. With the feature, you can add new ticket styles for the event attendee. For the different types of events, you can add different designs.

That’s not the ending. We would like to know your needs. Submit the feature request and our research and development team will check them. We will surely add the feature if necessary.

Try Eventin for Your Next Events Website

Please be aware that Eventin was published in 2020, and we have updated the plugin from time to time on a regular basis. With all the features we have added in the last year, we believe Eventin is one of the best solutions for event management. You can test the free version, explore the demos, and use Eventin Pro. We assume you will enjoy the plugin.

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