Eventin v3.3.5 Update Brings Significant Stability with Multiple New Fixes

 Eventin v3.3.5 Update Brings Significant Stability with Multiple New Fixes

Hello, event organizers! Happy news for you. Your favorite Eventin got a new update. If you still don’t know what Eventin is, Eventin is an effective event management solution based on WordPress. You can create and manage unlimited events and sell tickets.

The latest update was mainly focused on the known bug fixes and tweaks to make it more stable. We worked on the Eventin free version, the pro version, and the DIVI module. Before we see the complete changelog, let’s discuss the major updates in this version.

UX Update in Displaying Recurring Event

an image of Eventin recurring feature update

With this update, the recurring events archive page is now more glossy and user-friendly. A new tags added for parent and chiled events so users’ can understand which are the general events and which are the recurring ones.

Shortcode and Elementor Widgets for Child Events

We added Shortcode and Elementor widgets for the child events. Now, it’s easier and more flexible to manage child events on your event management websites. You can use Shortcode for Gutenberg and Elementor widgets for Elementor page builder-based Event websites.

Hide the Feature Image for Password-protected Events

You can hide the feature image for password-protected events. It’s helpful for private events. Specially if you create a multivendor event marketplace.

Eventin up-to – v.3.3.5 (Free) Update

Eventin Calendar View

Let’s see the complete changelog of the Eventin free version.

  • Added: Recurring events parent, child show/hide option in widget and shortcode
  • Added: Child events options in shortcodes and Elementor widgets
  • Added: Event feature image hidden for password-protected events
  • Tweak: Show speakers inside the schedule by default.
  • Tweak: Improved Event Start date and end date select option from Dashboard
  • Tweak: Plugin title update
  • Tweak: Event End date show/hide option added on all shortcodes and widgets
  • Tweak: End date added to the calendar view
  • Fix: Eventin settings panel CSS issue.
  • Fix: Date format issue fixed on the calendar view
  • Fix: Floating pricing issue fixed on the ticket form

Eventin up-to – v.3.3.4 (Pro) Update

We also bring some changes to Evenetin pro version. Added the child calendar options and multiple tweaks.

  • Added: Child events options in shortcodes and Elementor widgets.
  • Tweak: Currency symbol for stripe payment
  • Tweak: End date show/hide option added on all shortcode and widgets

Eventin DIVI Addon v1.0.1 Update

An image of event classic pro module

Eventin DIVI module got a massive update in this version. A lot of fixes on styling and slider has fixed. Here is the complete list of the latest Eventin DIVI module update.

  • Added: Event Classic Pro Module
  • Fixed: Description limit in all modules
  • Fixed: Show thumbnail yes/no for all modules
  • Fixed: Autoplay options for the speaker slider
  • Fixed: Same style issues for the speaker slider module
  • Fixed: Show description options in all modules
  • Fixed: Event Pro styles issue
  • Fixed: Slider control dynamic options in speaker slider
  • Fixed: Schedule list issue in Schedule module

Update Eventin Now

For those of you who were waiting for the latest Eventin update, you can now update Eventin and Eventin Pro. There’s an update notification for the new version on your WordPress site dashboard. Click on the update button to get all the new features. Do you know any other issues that you want to improve? Let us know in the comment box.

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