Eventin Update: Avail QR Code Segmentation, Event Venue with Google Map with Various Fixes

 Eventin Update: Avail QR Code Segmentation, Event Venue with Google Map with Various Fixes

Great news for event organizers as Eventing brings you brand new features in the latest release. Step up your event management experience with features like Google Map integration, QR Code Segmentation, Registration Forms Checkbox Input and more!

Let’s take a look at the details of this latest release 🧐

Event Venue with Google Map Integration

Eventin event location by google map

Make it easier for guests to find your event location with Google Map Integration. Add your event venue on Google Maps when creating an event. Then you can show your venue location on your event page using Google Maps. Guests can find your event venue easily which removes any confusion that can result in a delay in

Checkbox Input at Registration Form

Another cool feature that will make online registration for events better is checkbox input. Now guests can simply click their way to add information to registration forms. Simplifying the online registration process will encourage more guests to register for your events.

Purchased Event Details on User’s Dashboard

Purchased Event Details on User's Dashboard

Let users check their event details at a glance with an overview on the user’s dashboard. This will bring all of the purchased event details at one place. You can prepare for each of the events by getting an overview of the event details straight from your dashboard.

QR Code Segment

wp eventin unique qr code

QR Code feature is updated and now you have more control over it. You can use a one-step auto scan and a two-step manual scan for conforming attendees. Check the documentation here.

Sidebar Calendar Widget

Calendar Widgets for Event

Improve your calendar view by adding a sidebar calendar widget. Organizing your daily events can be difficult. This feature will make it easier for you to get a calendar view of all of the events for a month straight from a sidebar.

One-Click Ticket Status Update

Now you can update the attendee status more quickly. From this update, attendees update is “quick edit” option and you will need just a single click to update the status.

Plenty of Tweaks and Fixes

Apart from this, we also released tons of tweaks and fix in recent updates. You can see the full list of the recent changelog at the bottom of the blog. Before that, let’s check the major tweaks!

Default timezone adjusted in the event

The default timezone issue has been resolved. When you create an event, it will automatically be set up with the default time zone.

Excerpt option added in Event

Add more details to your event with the excerpt option. The feature si helpful for show up exclusive information to the visitors.

Eventin 3.1.4 & 3.1.5 Changelog (FREE)

Check out the changelog for these two updates at a glance.

  • New: Attendee extra field – Checkbox input
  • New: Event with calendar list view widget in Elementor
  • New: Event Calendar Monthly List view
  • New: Event Calendar Weekly List view
  • New: Event Calendar Daily List view
  • Tweak: Style for Settings and CPTs
  • Tweak: Price column in event details report and CSV
  • Tweak: Design & Responsiveness of QR scanner view and popup
  • Fix: Ticket scanner undefine issue fixed
  • Fix: Chrome browser end-time saving issue
  • Fix: Repeater title issue in CPT
  • Fix: Event banner meta conditional issue fixed

Eventin 3.1.4 & 3.1.5 Changelog (PRO)

  • New: Sidebar Calendar widget
  • New: One-click attendee ticket status update
  • New: Default timezone adjusted in the event
  • New: Excerpt option added in Event
  • New: Hex color code input option in Event
  • Tweak: Style for Settings and CPTs
  • Tweak: Font size convert px to rem in CSS
  • Tweak: CPT title update in the admin dashboard
  • Fix: Recurring events array issue
  • Fix: Translation text for calendar
  • Fix: Extra comma issue in PDF generation
  • Fix: 404 issues for event CPT
  • Fix: Elementor design issue
  • Fix: Line height issue
  • Fix: Related event image resize issue
  • Fix: Redundant ticket variation name in attendee from
  • Fix: All tickets have been sold out issue
  • Fix: Menu label issue

Update Eventin Now

So, what are you waiting for? Update the latest Eventin free and Eventin pro and start exploring the latest features. We are always open to listening to your feedback and ideas. Submit the ideas here. Stay with us as we are bringing more flagship features very soon.

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