Best WordPress Holiday Deals 2023: Arraytics + ThemeWinter

 Best WordPress Holiday Deals 2023: Arraytics + ThemeWinter

Holiday Sales 2023: Don’t Miss Out on the best WordPress holiday deals from Arraytics and ThemeWinter. Remarkable WP Plugin Deals on Holiday 2023: From Arraytics and ThemeWinter. 

See What’s Inside Arraytics + ThemeWinter Holiday Deals in 2023:

Winter is chilling out the world! 🥶

As the new year is coming in, the WordPress industry is getting hyped up with new resolutions. Arraytics and ThemeWinter are rolling out our long-awaited New Year Holiday SaaS Deals in 2023 to make that happen.

Now is the time to get the best deal at the best price, and supercharge your WordPress business with Top-tier WordPress event plugins. 

Let’s see the holiday WordPress deals you can grab from Arraytics and ThemeWinter as this year 2023 is coming to an end. 

Here’s the deals…!

🎉 What’s in the Holiday Deals? (Overview)


This New Year, Arraytics and ThemeWinter have launched Holiday Deals, offering all their WordPress plugins and themes up to 50% OFF. Whether you’re an event organizer, a café owner, or run a marketing agency, these deals are too good to pass up.

Let’s see what’s inside the bundles and packages.


Arraytics, the mother company of ThemeWinter and Triple S on Envato, has offered Timetics for WordPress at 50% OFF



ThemeWinter, a sister company of Arraytics, the makers of ground-breaking WordPress plugins like Eventin, WPCafe, and Cafe App, has come up with a winter surprise this year 2023. 


Right after Black Friday, with so many requests, ThemeWinter decided to give out the best deal you can grab this year. 

✋ ThemeWinter is offering an All-in-One Bundle at SOLID 50% OFF. 
But what’s in the bundle? 

Let’s find them out. 

🤔 What’s in the bundle and the single packages? (detailed)


📅 Timetics WP

Timetics WP is an AI-powered Scheduling and Booking WordPress plugin with unique features to rock your sessions, meetings, and events like Visual Seat Plan, One-to-Many meetings, recurring events and so much more.


And Timetics for WordPress cuts down the costs of no-shows with AI-personalized recommendations, that drive the end users to book based on their previous booking experience. 

The most notable features of Timetics WP are: 

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Multiple Meetings Types
  • One-to-Many Meetings with Visual Seat Plan
  • Email + SMS notification
  • Multiple Ticket Tier Pricing

Now you can get all Timetics for WordPress and its features at a 50% discount this Holiday Deals 2023. That way, you can get pretty much everything Timetics for WordPress offers, but at the same price. And the offer is going away on 31 December 2023:

🏷️ Discount Offer: 50% Off
🔥 Bundle Offer: NONE
🎟️ Coupon Code: HOYE50 
📌 Deadline: December 31, 2023. 

📣 Eventin

Introducing Eventin, the ultimate WordPress event ticketing and management plugin for any WordPress site. 


Eventin is the ultimate solution for all your needs, whether you’re organizing an offline or online event. It offers a multivendor event marketplace, a visual seat plan for floor planning, multi-tier tickets for every seat, recurring events, ticket QR codes, WooCommerce coupons, and many feature-rich integrations!

✅ Eventin offers the most prominent features to run successful events including: 

  • Multivendor Marketplace 
  • Actionable QR Code  
  • Multi-Tier Tickets 
  • Visual Seat Plan for events
  • Attendee Management
  • Recurring Event

Thus, Eventin is the best option if you’re prepared to expand your events using an all-in-one event plugin solution.

And you can get it all up to 50% OFF on the ThemeWinter bundle. But if you want Eventin alone, you can grab it at 35% OFF. 

🏷️ Discount Offer: 35%
🔥 Bundle Offer: 50%
🎟️ Discount Coupon Code: HOYE35
🎁 Bundle Coupon Code: HOYE50 
📌 Deadline: December 31, 2023. 

🍽️ WPCafe

If you’re running a food business online on WordPress, stop scrolling… Because you’ve come across the perfect WordPress plugin that boosts your online food business and makes more sales faster like a charm. 


Introducing WPCafe, a ‘more than WordPress plugin’ for WooCommerce food orders, pickup, and delivery, WPCafe offers a simple way to start and manage your website for your restaurant or food business.

To sum up some of the features, WPCafe offers you: 

  • Food Ordering
  • Reservation + Table Layout
  • Food Delivery and Pickup features 
  • 33+ Food Menu Templates

That’s not all. You can easily manage your orders and deliveries, make and modify your own menus, and provide online bookings and discounts with WPCafe.

This holiday year 2023 is giving you all of WPCafe Pro at 35% OFF individually, or you can get it at half the price from the bundle. 

🏷️ Discount Offer: 35%
🔥 Bundle Offer: 50%
🎟️ Discount Coupon Code: HOYE35
🎁 Bundle Coupon Code: HOYE50 
📌 Deadline: December 31, 2023

👨‍🍳 Cafésio: Restaurant WordPress Theme

Introducing Cafésio: a sophisticated WordPress theme for restaurants and cafes that is perfect for personal chefs, online food businesses, and all kinds of establishments.


More than just a theme for restaurants and cafes, Cafésio is a chic and sophisticated method to highlight your personal chef, modern cuisine, culinary, and any other food-related business website. 

So, you’re getting: 

  • 3+ Homepages 
  • Smooth and Smart Sub-pages
  • highest page speed on Google Speed Tester
  • 94% performance on GTmetrix

So, if you’re itching to refresh your WP Food site with a new food business theme, Cafésio is the perfect theme to go for. 

If so, don’t miss out on grabbing this beautiful theme with a Google page speed of 98% at 35% OFF, or get it at the bundle at half the price. 

The offer is ending on 31 December, 2023.

🏷️ Discount Offer: 35%
🔥 Bundle Offer: 50%
🎟️ Discount Coupon Code: HOYE35
🎁 Bundle Coupon Code: HOYE50 
📌 Deadline: December 31, 2023. 

🎪 BizXpo WordPress Theme

Introducing the BizXpo theme—an event management platform. WordPress theme. Powered by Eventin, BizXpo is an easy-to-use WordPress theme that will help you promote and plan events online.


With the BizXpo WordPress event theme, you’re getting: 

  • Google page speed of 98% for desktop
  • 4+ Homepages with Smart Sub-pages
  • Multi-Event Homepage
  • 99% performance on GTmetrix.

Now, ThemeWinter Bundle is offering up to 50% OFF. If all you’re looking for is the theme, the BizXpo theme is available for 35% off. The deal ends on 31 December 2023. 

🏷️ Discount Offer: 35%
🔥 Bundle Offer: 50%
🎟️ Discount Coupon Code: HOYE35
🎁 Bundle Coupon Code: HOYE50 
📌 Deadline: December 31, 2023

🙋‍♀️ How you can get the Holiday offer (step-by-step details)


Grabbing the Deals from Arraytics and ThemeWinter is pretty much easy. All you have to do is take a few steps on the website and checkout and you are good to go.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to grab Arraytics and ThemeWinter holiday deals for 2023. 

Visit the Deals Page: 

First off, go to the Deals pages of Arraytics or ThemeWinter to grab the offer. Here is the link below: 


Choose Your Deal:

Now select the deal you want to go for, whether it’s the bundle or any other single deal package (theme or WP plugin) that best matches your WP business. 

Sign Up/Login: 

Now after selecting your desired deal, it’s time to create an account on the pages. If you’ve already signed up before, you can just sign in to process to the checkout page. 

Apply the Coupon Code and Checkout:

As soon as you get to the checkout page, enter the discount coupon code below the invoice section. If you’re purchasing a bundle, then use coupon code HOYE50 or if you’re buying a single WordPress plugin or theme, use coupon code HOYE35.

After that, it will show the discount price on the checkout page. Now enter your name, contact, email, and bank details and click on the purchase button. And you’re all set! 

Download and install the plugin or Theme: 

Now that you have purchased a WP plugin, theme, or the whole bundle—go to the WordPress plugin Library and download the plugins. Now Install the plugins on your WordPress dashboard and input the license keys and there you go! 

You are all set to start growing your WP business for 2024. 


In the world of WordPress, standing out from the crowd is the key. These holiday deals from Arraytics and ThemeWinter are your ticket to a prosperous 2024, making your WP business stand out in the competition. The best part, you don’t have to break the bank to get 2 WP plugins and 2 themes which no one offers in the WordPress industry right now. 

👉 But hurry up, both Deals end on 31 December 2023. 


So, don’t just skip it—grab your golden ticket to business growth and act before the deal ends!

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