Recurring Event in WordPress – Create and Manage Multiple Events to Boost Efficiency

 Recurring Event in WordPress – Create and Manage Multiple Events to Boost Efficiency

Hosting multiple events at once can be tiring work, especially if they are recurring events that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually. You probably already know how to create events online event, but you might not know how to manage them effectively. If you are that person who manually creates the same event over and over again then it is time to stop wasting your time.

Just to make your life easier as an event manager or host, we have outlined a solution that can help streamline all your events. Recurring event management is a process that requires the right tool and planning. This article will highlight the importance and outline all the methods to successfully implement a recurring event management system.

Recurring Event Management Explained

Recurring events are events that can repeat multiple times in the future. These events can take place in the same or different locations. It can be training sessions, concerts, celebrations, general meetings or any form of social meeting that takes place once in a while. Generally, you set the title, date, location, time and other information of the event and create it online to easily share it with your attendees.

The process of managing these events is called recurring event management. Usually, if you are creating an event online, there are tools to help you automate this process. Recurring event tools can help auto-generate as many separate event entries as you like. You can set the duration after which the events will take place again. This will automatically create those events so you don’t have to manually create each one again. 

Common Scenarios for Using Recurring Events 

Most event managers will understand the importance of time. Managing events that occur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis becomes redundant. Doing the same thing over and over again can be annoying too. Some common scenarios where you might need recurring events are:

  • Yoga Sessions
  • Music Classes
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Summer Camp
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Celebrations (Birthday, Anniversary)
  • Tech Summit

Struggles of Creating Recurring Events and Case Analysis

There are many reasons why recurring events can be difficult to manage. The first reason has already been mentioned which is redundancy that wastes time and resources. Secondly, you might forget to create an event once in a while which is a silly reason for missing an event. 

For some cases, it might also be technically difficult because many recurring events solutions are not straightforward. To give a better picture of the scenario, we created a few real-life cases. 

Case 1: Yoga Trainer Conducting Yoga Sessions

To build a specific user solution, we wanted to develop a persona that helps you understand the situations to find a specific solution that can offer a smooth user experience.

  • Name – Shannon Doe
  • Age – 29 year
  • Occupation – Yoga Trainer
  • Location – Texas, Austin (USA)

Shannon is someone who can help you to not only feel good but learn to love yourself and flourish using specialized tools, mindset work and tips for your mind and body. Last year, Shannon started her yoga training locally. She got an amusing response and wanted to move online. Currently, she is looking for a platform to restart her training which got affected by Covid-19. 

Difficulties in Conducting Recurring Yoga Sessions 

  • Most of the platforms are paid
  • Managing is technical and hard in some case
  • Need to create the training events again and again manually

Case 2: Music Teacher Managing Weekly Music Classes

Lets portray a similar scenario but for a different field. This will give a clear idea of how one solution can be adapted for different fields. Our second persona is related to music professionals.

  • Name – Mark Marshal
  • Age – 33 years
  • Occupation – Music Teacher
  • Location – Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Mark is a music teacher who completed his Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. He was born and grew up in downtown Orlando, a beautiful downcity. From his school days, he was involved with music and got noticed quickly by the neighbors. Initially, he started with singing, but now he wishes to continue his work with music training.

However, due to the pandemic, everything became remote and he had no way to come to Orlando to practice or conduct his training. Now, he is looking for a platform, where he can continue training.

Struggles of Managing Recurring Music Classes

  • Recurring feature is not available
  • Recurring feature is paid
  • Managing is technical and hard in some case

Case 3: Entrepreneur’s Bi-Annual Tech Summit

Let’s consider a case with a longer duration between events. For this case, we have chosen the tech field. 

  • Name – Peter Aron
  • Age – 38 year
  • Occupation – Computer Engineer, Angel Investor 
  • Location – Canada

Peter is a tech enthusiast who completed his Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto. From a young age he showed interest in the tech field. He was part of the computer engineering community in his school days that tracked the progress of rising tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google. After completing his degree in 2012, he decided to work with startups in Toronto to offer them seed funding. Slowly he started organizing events for local startups where they pitch their idea to investors like him. 

Currently, Peter holds a bi-annual entrepreneurs tech summit which has grown to be a big success. He is too busy working with several startups and wants to find a way to automate his event management process. 

Problems for Peter in Organizing Tech Events

  • Creating event and selling tickets is a time consuming process
  • Redundant task of managing multiple small events within the main events
  • Needs daily reminder to complete event related tasks

All Cases Pointing to the Same Problem Statement

Yoga teachers, music trainers, tech entrepreneurs and similar category people are looking for a solution where they can organize events repeatedly without creating the event again and again. They want to do it with less effort so that they can invest more time in their service.

Building a Solution with Recurring Event Management

We are introducing a great solution to this problem. If we organize the training class in a recurring manner, several problems can be resolved. This solution is easy, robust and user-friendly. Even a person having no technical knowledge can sell yoga training with this recurring event feature.

As many users are using WordPress to create a site with drag and drop, it’s easily manageable and secure. A prime feature available on this platform is the recurring event feature. 

You can create recurring events based on a daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule, bi-monthly, first Sunday of every month, etc. There are countless ways you can configure your schedule.  You also have the ability to create a fully custom schedule.  This is especially useful for performing art centers or theatres putting on multi-show-time productions. 

Recurring Event Feature List

  1. Daily recurring: If yoga teachers want to take class everyday then daily recurring is the solution. Similar to yoga, musician, life-coach can use daily recurring options.
  2. Time base recurring: There could be a special session for each week, month or year. Sometimes the session could be twice in a week or month. No matter when the user wants to take the session, time base recurring always helps them. Users can define the time for the next time slot.
  3. Events base recurring: With event base recurring, users are able to create a whole new event without adding full new content. They will just recurring the session events and then update the necessary information. It’s time saving and more attractive.

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Recurring Event Benefits

Setting up recurring events for different sessions or classes is beneficial for both arrangers and participants. Recurring events save time, increase efficiency and also encourage users to attend future events. Participants can predict the structure and plan accordingly to make the most of it. 

Benefits of Recurring Event by themewinter

Recurring Event Improves Efficiency

For recurring events, the creator does not need to create the whole event again and again. Creating once and using multiple is the key benefit for recurring events. All you need is to set the logic for each structure and the event will be created. It’s a time-saving and smooth procedure. 

You can achieve marketing goals as you set them earlier. Creating brand awareness is simpler by streamlining multiple events. Your potential customer already knows the upcoming details. It also gives you a better communication channel. Recurring events help you to add to the process of execution. You can make informed decisions using your pre-determined key indicators, which will help you monitor your ROI and maximize profits.

Predictable Structure of Recurring Events Helps Plan Better Events

Participants can predict the structure of upcoming events as the event is similar to the last one. For example, participants may know the next session will be next Sunday so they can make the work plan and keep the schedule. This is also helpful for digital marketing. Especially if any organizer promotes the session with an affiliate model, it helps a lot.

Recurring Event Increases Event Attendance

Attendees know the next schedule so they make a better schedule for their self tasks. Attendees get multiple options for the schedule. It eventually increases the rate of attendance. Besides the attendee, session hosts can do marketing easily and get connected with the potential attendee.

Recurring Event Brings Greater Success 

Recurring events boost attendees, better attendance, reduce cost and whatnot? The process is easy and manageable for both parties. A recurring event is a great source of success. When you know how to measure your event’s success, you can control its outcomes. As recurring events is keeping similar information and consume less time, so you know the result. It’s greater success.

Final Call

Now our users Mark and Shannon are relieved. They can arrange yoga on weekends and music training once a month. Their students join from home and spend quality time at home. Pandemic is no more a headache for learning new skills. One of Shannon’s friends joined the club as a special life hack coach. For long-term users like Peter, recurring event management saves huge amounts of time which he can invest in managing his business.

Setting up recurring events is a practical solution and it can bring you plenty of success. Fortunately, there are many companies that can help you out with this, like Themewinter. When you utilize recurring events, you can expect event growth, a highly engaged user base, and happier staff.

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