How to Create an Outstanding Food Menu for Restaurant WordPress Website

 How to Create an Outstanding Food Menu for Restaurant WordPress Website

Are you afraid of creating a food menu for restaurant WordPress website? Well, creating a restaurant food menu for a website is not easy as it is in graphical design. But we have a great solution for you. You can use WP Cafe to create an outstanding food menu within an hour and without any technical skills. With all the required features, WP Cafe ensures the best menu design experience. Before starting the blog, why don’t you check the importance of the food menu for restaurant websites?

Why Food Menu Important

It takes 10-20 seconds for a user to decide to continue a site or NOT! If you fail to grab their attention within the mentioned time, you are going to miss the customer. Think of it. You invest time and money to make content, do marketing and a customer comes to your site. But s/he leaves within 20 seconds! All your efforts went to the dogs!

The food menu is one of the key elements to design a successful restaurant website. As the customer starts looking from the menu. So, caring about your menu means that you care about your customer. You will have a high chance to get better conversion.

Prerequisite plugin

To create an amazing food menu in your restaurant WordPress website, you will require 2 mandatory plugins and 1 optional plugin. 


WooCommers is one of the prerequisite plugin for setting up an online eCommerce (food selling) website. There are other plugins but WooCommerce gives you tons of features like online ordering, payment gateways integration, sales analytics and many more.

WP Cafe

WP Cafe is our choice based on the top food menu plugins for WordPress. Our study found WP Cafe provides a 26+ food menu template. It’s highest among similar plugins in It has a location base pop-up, WooCommerce compatibility, both single and multi-slot reservation, AJAX mini cart and many more. This is why the rest of the tutorial will be based on WP Cafe.


If you want to customize like drag and drop then install Elementor in your WordPress website. It’s not mandatory to install but with Elementor, you can use food menu widgets. Also, regular widgets will help you design beautiful pages on your restaurant WordPress site.

If you are looking for a restaurant WordPress theme, we build Cafesio with 3+ home layouts with all other feature pages. The theme supports Elementor, WooCommerce, ElementsKit, and so on. Get Cafesio for your website.

How to Set Up Food Menu

food menu for restaurants WordPress website, themewinter

Before adding a food menu, first please upload your food item one by one. Here are the settings key wp-admin dashboard -> products -> Add new -> Product details. You can import products together from an excel file. It’s better if you weather all the information and then add them together. Upload all your food items and you are ready to go.

You can add your food menu in different ways like shortcodes, Elementor, Gutenberg block.  WP Cafe provides support for Divi, and Visual Composer. Let us set them one by one.

Add Food Menu with Shortcode

food menu for restaurants WordPress website, themewinter

In order to get the food menu shortcode, please move to the WP Cafe settings, select the shortcode and past it into the page. You will get WP Cafe Menu inside the WordPress dashboard left side. Setting shortcut is wp-admin -> WpCafe -> Available shortcode -> Copy the shortcode.

Note- With WP Cafe PRO you can get shortcode options for placing on multiple pages, get multiple pro menu layouts, modern design and many more.

Add Food Menu with Elementor

food menu for restaurants WordPress website, themewinter

If you want to add or edit the food menu then at first click on “edit with Elemntor”. It will drive you to the Elemntor edit page. On the left side under Elementor widgets, you will get WPCAFEE MENU. Drag and drop any menu on the page and then you can edit it based on your requirement. Settings shortcut wp-admin -> edit with Elementor -> WPCAFEE MENU -> Drag and Drop the menu.

Add Food Menu with Gutenberg

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WP Cafe’s food menu is also available in Gutenberg block. To set the food menu please move to the WordPress page. After that click on the plus(+) sign from the top left side. Search with the key food and the available block will be clear. Click on the block and it will pop down to the page. Now from the right side settings menu, you can edit the food menu.

Set Food Item Category

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Categorizing your menu will make it easier for customers to find similar items. WP Cafe supports WooCommerce so you can set categories easily. To set categories, go to WooCommerce-> Products -> Categories from your dashboard. Then you can add a Name for your category and set an order menu number.  Then go to WP Cafe -> Available Shortcodes. Find the shortcode for ‘Show Food Menu Tab (Pro)’ and add it to your site. You can then view your food menu in different category tabs.

Set Food Serving Location

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If your restaurant has multiple branches or you serve food from multiple areas, this step is for you. To add a food location, the first food location under the products menu. Then add the location and related information. After that go to WpCafe and then menu setting and then allow locations. Please be aware WP Cafe is multi vendor compatible and you can download addon from here. Settings shortcut wp-admin -> products -> location -> add location and then WpCafe -> Menu Settings -> Allow locations

Set Discounts on Food Items

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WP Cafe already comes with a feature to add discounts for your items. From your dashboard, go to WP Cafe -> Menu Settings then scroll down to Discount Options. Here you can set the percentage of discount for your menu. You can even set which specific menus or categories you want to add the discount to.

Enable Integrate Search Option

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 To set a search option, go to your page where you paste your shortcode for the food menu. In your short code, find “live_search” and set it equal to ‘no’. Now you will see a search bar appear on top of your food menu.

Types of Food Menus

food menu for restaurants WordPress website, themewinter

There is a multiple-style food menu available for the restaurant website. Here are the most common menu styles.

List Style- A list-style food menu design with all food details. List items and organize them in a different order.
Tab Style- A tab-style restaurant food menu design in a tabular layout.
Category Style- Category style food menu represents the food category.
Location Style- Location base food menu is for those restaurants with many branches. Sometimes a restaurant has branches in a different location.
Slider Style- A food menu with sliding options.
Tab List Style- A list-style menu having the tab in the title is a tab list-style food menu.
Tab Slider Menus– A slider having tab is tab style food menu for restaurant WordPress website.

Tips for Better Conversion

The restaurant business is highly competitive so you must achieve better profits! To make a profit margin from an online-based restaurant business, we bring some tips. By following these tips, your conversation rate can grow up to 200%.

Use HQ Real Image:

Many restaurant owners ignore adding real images. Sometimes they use stack photos or low-quality images. Investing in HQ images is not wastage. It’s food and people test the look before testing the actual food. Always use high-quality real images for the food menu.

Offer Online Ordering:

Customers become lazy sometimes. They want to get food on their door. Offer your customer online food ordering and increase sales. Besides this, you can add online reservations with the WP Cafe plugin.

Don’t Avoid Marketing:

Few owners think about either online marketing or offline marketing. It’s not a better approach. If you avoid social sites and search marketing, you will lose a lot of traffic. Exact similar way, if you avoid offline marketing, you will lose a lot of potential customers. So, keep doing marketing on both channels.

Why Don’t You Try?

Due to covid19, the website is one of the keys for continuing the online food business. And WP Cafe has cut off the headache of creating a food menu. Why don’t you give it a try now?

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